A virtual wet-dream for fans of beefy blondes, it's also one of Steve Fox's final films - and one of his best, too. The theme here is blondes, megabodied beefy guys and nice (!) touch of incest. One man's trash is another man's treasure, I always say.
Some terrific scenes here, notably the finale in which all three brothers (on the cover from left to right: Ryan, Steve and Ty) end up in a wild group fuck. Don't miss the scene where Steve swabs up the cumload he's just dumped and laps at it like a cat at a bowl of milk. Yummy and definitely eye-opening.
There's really not a lot here in the plot department (you've scene it all before) and viewers who are easily bored with the West Hollywood blonde shaved 'n waxed look won't care for this one at all. But for fans of the blonde triple-threat (you know who you are) it's a must.

Cast: Ryan Fox, Steve Fox, Ty Fox, Steve Marks, Chad Knight, Alec Powers, Sam Carson, Rip Stone

Duration : 01:41:11
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