Release Year: 2010
Cast: Ho Yu Qi, Li Jiaqing, Zeng Qingshan, Fan hazel family
Genres: gay themed, comedy, drama, romance

Best friends fall for each other during their final year of high school. In Mandarin, with English subtitles.
Spring of early 2009, the last year of Yang Ming high school career

A sunshine boy
A melancholy boy
A girl with short hair
A long-haired girl

Two of the same sex touch to collapse. After the collapse of the exploratory period of the so-called normal encounter, and then collapse
He Wei-leun and Lin Cheng-Che is a pair of good friends in the last year of high school days, gradually, their relationship produced a subtle change.

Until the day finally suggestive of the heart of the affair, the two decided to contact after touching passion. But no match for frustration and
social pressure of public opinion, political philosophy escape, and want to try a so-called normal relations.

By Guo Yi-chin and Li Ai-ling, they understand each other, hugging each other, spent a happy high school career.
Until they were found by Qin’s mother, in her mother’s opposition, according to Qin Ai Ling decided to leave,
and embrace the political philosophy can forget that feeling before. Unexpectedly, two people are wrong … until the final only to find …

If we can not embrace, that the world is left?

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