Real Amateur Boys In Miami Vol. 2

Year: 2011
Country: US
Genre: All Sex, Amateur, Twinks, Freshmen, Muscles, Anal, Oral

Description: Real Amateur Boys In Miami Vol. 2
In Miami and looking to have a good time, these men get roped into doing a porn film. First, two guys get busy on the patio, giving each other blowjobs before moving on to deep, grunt inducing anal pounding. They fuck in various positions before the bottom explodes on himself and takes his partner's load on his chest. Next, two boys meet at the pool and get wet, touching and fondling before moving into the bedroom. They kiss passionately and give each other blowjobs in 69 position. finally, a condom is rolled onto a stiff prick and anal fucking ensues! The bottom blows his load on his belly while his partner shoots his load onto the bottom's cock.

File size: 880.1 MB
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