Studio: Rascal Video, Channel 1 Releasing
Cast: Clay Maverick, Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard, Jeremy Jordan, Jan Fischer, Claudio Martin, Brandon Lee, Patrick Downs, Cal Jackson, Jay Varilla
Genres: Anal,oral
Video language: English


120 min
Country: US
Studio: Rascal Video, Channel 1 Releasing
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Editor: Fay Dubois
Videographer: Hue Wilde

C A S T: Clay Maverick, Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard, Jeremy Jordan, Jan Fischer, Claudio Martin, Brandon Lee, Patrick Downs, Cal Jackson, Jay Varilla

*** Highly Recommended ***

I wouldn't lie to you -- well, at least not about smut. I knew that even before I pushed play on my remote that "Deceived" was going to be a scorcher. I mean, how could it miss?

And Chi Chi LaRue's stamp is all over it: hot guys, smokin' action and tireless attention to detail. Take the opening, for example. Leave it to Chi Chi to find a clever way to roll out the credits. And if deception can be detected by looking in someone's eyes, the ballsy and sinister glares served up by each model all but guarantees that each one is a bone fide bad boy. Don't fuck with these studs -- they'll break your heart.


Jan Fischer and the utterly adorable Patrick Downs may be devious, but you wouldn't know it from the sweet and tender way they explore each other. Wearing nothing but boxers, Jan and Patrick kiss slowly (achingly slow) while undressing. While Patrick occupies himself with what's lurking behind the fly of his buddy's boxers, lucky Jan uncovers one sweet pink hole, which he dutifully admires with not one, but two fingers. After Patrick spends several moments orally lavishing Jan's cock and balls, Jan returns the favor. Not only is his ass a knockout, Pat's got a sumptuous prick as well -- one long vein curving up the side, fleshy balls and a well-trimmed bush to frame it all. The scene hits its peak when Patrick gets on his side and exposes his hole for Jan to explore. And explore he does. He stares at Pat's pucker almost drowsily, slowly finger-fucking it and taking long swipes with his tongue. Jan reluctantly leaves rimming heaven and takes Patrick, still on his side, holding one leg up in the air. Patrick's nasty expression lets you know how much he's loving getting fucked. He shoots his load while getting plowed, cum flying over the headboard without any warning.


The flick takes an odd twist when we cut to super-twink Jeremy Jordan, his mouth already stuffed with Brandon Lee's sturdy cock. They're going hot and heavy, stealing glances at a TV set running the sex scene we just saw. It's hard to imagine needing inspiration from a porno when you've got real cock in your mouth, your own peter in your fist and fingers fluttering against your exposed butthole, but Jeremy keeps one eye glued to that TV while he blows Brandon. Talk about multitasking. Jeremy and Brandon, both sporting short crew-cuts, maneuver into a lewd 69. Brandon can't keep his greedy fingers away from Jeremy's asshole -- I mean, could you? Their 69 gets more and more intense to the point where they're wrapping their legs around each other's head to get as close as possible. And in a new twist on the old porn standby, the salacious pizza boy, cover model Claudio Martin, breezes right into the bedroom to make his delivery. Unfazed, he merely wants his 10 bucks, even brazenly asking for a tip. Claudio is tall and ripped, I was torn between lusting after his long and wavy hair, hanging precariously over his eyes, and his very muscular-looking cock. Throwing the pizza aside, he nonchalantly unzips. Brandon contents himself with blowing their guest while Jeremy stands on the mattress and offers Claudio something to suck on. All three have lanky, lean frames and they look gorgeous enjoying their sudden three-way. Like Lane Fuller, Jeremy is one of those models who never loses his wood while getting fucked, no matter who's doing the fucking or how hard they're going at it. Both Brandon and Claudio take a crack at Jeremy, and sure enough, his pole stands at attention, regardless of the angle he's getting plowed in. Geez, the lengths you have to go to just to get a slice.


Tattooed Johnny Hazzard, wearing a white wife-beater, spies on the action from the alleyway. Cal Jackson busts the voyeur, then demands oral service. It looks like Johnny has acquired some new tats since the last time I saw him; they drape over his shoulders and forearms, captured in amazing detail while he devours Cal's blond goatee. Not only can Cal command head, he hoodwinks Johnny into licking his ass while he bends over a garbage can. Not missing a beat, a prepared Johnny stands up and eases his sheathed prick into Cal's guts, giving his ass a good working over. But no worries, Johnny slips into his more familiar bottom boy role soon afterward. Filmed in spectacular close-up, Cal soaks Johnny's asshole with spit before fucking him on a ladder. Johnny spews from overhead, dousing Cal in spunk.


In the final scene, we see that once again, it's a film within a film. We're suddenly in one of those old-fashioned NYC porno houses where Clay Maverick, Eddie Stone and Jay Varilla are watching the previous alley fuck on a mammoth screen. Jay slyly moves into a seat next to Eddie, shamelessly looking for action, even bringing along the popcorn. I won't spoil the surprise, but in this scene, Chi Chi uses a movie-house prop that gives a whole new meaning to the word refreshments. Jay sports a unique cock with a sexy forward bend near the head. Greedy Eddie seems not to notice but quickly jams it into his mouth. Jay's shining brown eyes continue to watch the action on the screen until Eddie pulls him to his feet, then quickly to his knees. That's when Eddie catches sight of Clay Maverick jerking off solo a row or two back. Eddie's repeated attempts to grab hold of Clay's prick are firmly refused. At this point, Clay's content to watch. But when push comes to shove, Clay is a horny slut, too. It only takes a little patience and persistence, and before long, Jay is precariously dangling over the back of the seat bobbing on Clay's prick. With Jay's hairy ass up in the air, Eddie takes full advantage and plants his face deep in the crack. Jay and Eddie, now completely nude, enjoy an equally nude Clay seated smack between them in a row of the theatre, each taking turns worshipping Clay's cock while impatiently flogging their own. Then, in what has to be one of the most uncomfortable places to get fucked, Eddie gives it up for Clay, the entire time wedged into one of those plush red seats. Jay takes pity on Eddie's aching back and politely bends him over the seat before fucking him. No complaints from Eddie -- he takes advantage of Clay's spit-slick stiffie just inches from his open mouth. The scene ends with all three bringing themselves off, then a twist.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:31:44
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1183kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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