Frenesi - Stand At Attention

Studio: Frenesi Films/Video 10.
Directed by Julio Kadetti.
Starring Julio Vidal, Gilberto Larusso, Marcio Smith, Roger Vianna, Pablo Picaco, Eduardo Galisteau and Luis Ferreira.

First, Private Eduardo Galisteu sniffs, licks and chews Sergeant Julio Vidal's boots and socks while Julio takes a quick shower, but Julio catches him and tops him as his reward. Next, Private Gilberto Larusso teases his bunk buddy Luis Ferreira with the large dildo he found in his back pack. Luis bottoms for Gilberto, weaning him off of the rubber imitation for good.
Then, Private Marcio Smith gets stuck in the mud with his superior officer Pablo Picaco when the two drive off the base. When the car won't start, Pablo tops Marcio to pass the time in the hot tropical sun. Next, Private Gilberto Larusso initiates some horseplay with Private Roger Vianna in the stables, leading Gilberto to top Roger in the hay.
Finally, Officers Julio and Pablo top Privates Eduardo and Marcio for gossiping about all the gay sex on the base!

Duration : 01:20:26
Resolution : 360x288 @ 384x288
Video : MPEG Video (MPEG-1 Video), 1 142 Kbps, 25.000 fps

File size: 783.4 MB

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