I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Year: 2001
Genre: 00:58:21
Duration: 03:32:02
Studio: Angry Young Man

The movie-star handsome enlisted man from FREE BALLIN' likes fucking, drinking beer and intramural basketball. In this title, you'll see him strip off his soaking wet PT gear after a B-ball game and then park his bare ass on the cold aluminum bench while the rest of his teammates wander in after a lunch-hour session in the base gymnasium. He stays there, balls-out naked - while his bare-assed buddies swap sex stories and theories on "the smell of various pussy"... This title also contains several minutes of hidden-camera footage shot in the showers and locker rooms of the dependant gym. Hot guys, big dicks, hard asses and heavy balls throughout. And not to miss some rather unconventional footage of a naked young Navy kid in a tanning bed who can't keep from toying with his fat, straight-boy boner. He's naked, he's alone, he's supine... He thinks, Hey - why not squeeze out a load while I'm here? And he does.

Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 9 720x480 29.97fps 1048Kbps [Raw Video 1]
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps [Raw Audio 0]

File size: 493.7 MB

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