Nights in Eden (1995)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Straight Men, Uniforms: Cops/Rangers/Security Guards, Autofellatio/Self-Sucking, Muscle Men, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Fetish, Go-Go Boys/Strippers, Rimming
Starring: Adam Hart, Joshua Sterling, Alec Powers, Alex Kincaid, Chad Donovan, Greg Taylor, Kevin Kramer, Mike Lamas
Studio: Studio 2000

Straight cops, gay club. Well - whaddya think happens? If gogo boys and cops are your swirl, hang on to your jockstrap.
Co-cover model Sterling (on the right) plays a butch vice-squad cop intent on busting up the club known as Eden (hence the title). Seems like the closeted cop-eroo has feelings that he wants to repress, but you know they come out roaring! Hart proves himself quite the fuck machine (thank God he cut off that damned ponytail, though) and Sterling turns in a great performance as well.
Tech credits are way above average for a flick of this (set mainly in the club) and director Trennel still knows how to stage a fierce fuck - Chad Donovan taking his own cock in his mouth while getting the shit reamed out of him is just one example. See for yourself. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:14:59
Resolution: 640x480

File size: 755.3 MB

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