The Devil and Danny Webster / YMAC Video / 1991

Studio: YMAC Video
Cast: Billy Houston, Jason Ross, Johnny Rahm, Marc Winter, Tommy Wilde, Trey Tempest, Zeff Ryan
Director: Richard Lawrence
Genre: Vintage
Year: 1991
Runtime: 80 min
Country: US
Description: With more of a plotline (and humor) than most adult films, this YMAC doesn't let a little story get in the way of serious action. Danny (a soulful-eyed dirty blond beauty) feels he can't compete for young men against the muscles and tans of the gym bunnies so he stays at home watching movies. Enter Lucifer himself who offers our lad a sexy deal: All the sex in the world with the most desirable men for ten ears and then the devil gets his dues. Will Danny take him up on the offer?



File size: 759.0 MB

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