The Hitchhiker (1997)

Country: USA
Genre: anal sex, oral, group sex
Duration: 01:29:44

Cast: Kristian Brooks, Doug Perry, Mike Lofton, Ricky Price, Peter Andersson, Peter Wilder, Jay Anthony, Mason Walker, Jon Davis, Jeff White.

Description: The Hitchhiker is dominated by boyish studs, and yet another one shows up in the next scene. During his wedding, Jeff White hides in the men's room with his bride's gay brother Peter Wilder. Apparently, Jeff can't wait until that night to get his cock sucked, but then, you know how guys are. Peter is happy to oblige, dropping to his knees to please the blond groom. Jeff returns the favor, and after some hot cocksucking and rimming, Jeff plows his cock up Peter's ass, eventually blowing his load all over (and we mean all over) Peter's face.
After another two stories about a sailor and a gangbanger in a video store and two pretty blond guys out in the woods, Doug finally gets worked up enough to make a play for Kristian. While Kristian sleeps, Doug stealthily begins to suck his cock and lick his ass. When Kristian wakes up, he doesn't complain. Soon, the two of them are fucking each other, back and forth, until they both reach climax.

File size: 684.1 MB

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