The Back Room (2000)

Year: 2000
Genre: Gay Porn, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, europeans, young men, hunks, uncut cocks, big cocks
Duration: 01:23:22
Director: Jan Novak
Cast: Vilem Cage, Matus Hornay, Ondra Seky, Slavo Kopecky, Pavel Novotny, Miro Lauko, Martin Bolek, Vasil Dudov, Felix Slovacek

Spontaneous sex dating in Prague two young men leads to a frantic search of an unoccupied room. Because there is no time - eggs full of energy literally shake the brain! Potyrkavshis the closed doors, the boys decide to look for a well-known in the neighborhood convenience store owner drinks. The director immediately gives the viewer no easy task - understand what this businessman earning more - soft drinks, or for renting out utility room for the very hungry for a close acquaintance of young people. Either way, young people having fun to the accompaniment of three pairs of spying eyes and walks away. And then ... Next story tightly screwed to the back room and its holder.

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Video: 512x384 (1.33:1), 25 fps, Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V3 ~1069 kbps avg, 0.22 bit/pixel
Audio: 32 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 1 ch, ~64.00 kbps avg
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