Triga's All Blacks

Duration: 01:20:47

Resolution: 544x416

File Size: 699 MB

Video quality: DVDRip

Description: In the middle of nowhere there’s a hut, and inside that hut, away from the outside world there’s a gang bang going on, a constant stream of hot sex from some of the fittest rough black guys you’ve ever seen. Every one of the dozen or so lads is smooth, muscular, and has the biggest slice of meat between their legs. The sessions begin with blow jobs, watching thick black cock slide in and out of lads’ mouths and then things quickly turn to fucking. With the sun beating down outside, the lads’ bodies shimmer with sweat, as they ram their cocks into each other’s willing holes. Watching each bloke bounce up and down on the throbbing dark meat, they’re soon close to cumming. Together, building into a frenzy, the guys are soon pumping shimmering white sprays of cum out their black helmets. Over chests, bellies, and dribbling down cocks, the white cum looks great against the massive lengths of prime black dick. If black guys get you going, then this is all you’ll need to explode in a spray of jizz yourself.

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