AMG The Fantasy Factory 1

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Genre: Softcore, Vintage
Length: 00:57:00

Description: Pre-dating modern male pornography, the Athletic Model Guild, guided by Bob Mizer from the years 1956 to 1969, produced thousands of nudie flicks that were for the most part the only sexually suggestive images available for gay men of that period.
AMG The Fantasy Factory explores the fascinating world of AMG, where righteousness and justice always prevail over the forces of evil, and where no deed is so dastardly that it can't be atoned for by a good spanking. In the tight-laced 1950s wrestling and horseplay took the place of sex in these brilliantly entertaining little films, originally distributed on 8mm to home movie enthusiasts. Host Steve Malis looks back on a time when "dirty" movies were good clean fun.

File size: 608.7 MB
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