Release Year: 2002
Studio: High Octane
Cast: Akos Gazdag, Mihaly Hurok, Peter Tapasz, Tim Merev, Thierry Golyo, Zoltan Sapka, Zack Berenc, George Jambor, Hector Sajatos, Sean Madar, Zoltan Padlas, Richard Fahaz, Zorg Tobol, Ron Strand, Fred Modod
Genres: Oral/anal/group sex, muscles, rimming, cumshots

The motorcycle-themed fuck flick Moto Studs assembles fifteen chiseled Euro hunks for some sweaty, turbo-charged bone sucking and stuffing. The cast is a four-star smorgasbord of mouth-watering flesh, but the boys pull off the cyclist "theme" with about as much conviction as a butch mechanic wielding a feather duster.
We kick-start with a three-way as Zoltan and Zack both use Tim as a cock warmer. One fucks Tim while Tim sucks the other, then vice-versa. Surprisingly, this scene builds up to one of the most obvious instances of "stunt cocking" Iíve ever seen: watch in amazement as Timís tightly-cropped tuft of pubic hair disappears, and his circumcised knob miraculously sprouts foreskin when he comes.
Next, Fred and Ron trade blow jobs by the tool shed. Fred tongue-fucks Ronís gaping brown eye and then pokes it with his rigid tool.
After this, Thierry and Sean go at it on a sofa while Zoltan Padlas pretends to be asleep next to them. When Zoltan awakes to find the boys misbehaving, he whips out his impressive schlong and feeds it to Thierry. Both Zoltan and Sean take turns plowing Thierryís hairy ass, then douse him in a thick spray of boy goo.
An ensuing slurp-and-fuck has Zorg poking Richardís tight furry hole as heís bent over a parked motorbike.
The finale: Hector, Akos, Mihaly, Peter and George convene for a frisky cum-flying five-way in which sizzling dreamboat Akos gives up his precious booty to Hector and Peter. Not to be out-fucked, drop-dead-gorgeous Mihaly spreads his moist rosebud for George.
The fuck scenes arenít spectacular, yet are choreographed and performed efficiently enough to provide viewers with sufficient bone. But now that Iíve revealed the basic structure of the fuck scenes, hereís where I grumble about the cameramanís incessant zooming and tilting, the overall effect of which is a bit dizzying.
Other than the roving camera and the blatant use of a stunt-cock, Moto Studs is competently made, if not exactly smolderingly hot. As for the "theme," it takes more than costumes and a few props to make a biker-fetish romp. This cast of fifteen hardened, hunky, hard-bodied and very pretty Euro jocks will definitely keep your motor revved.

Format: mpegps
Duration: 1:50:48
Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.1 GB