Bedtime Stories 2 : Book of Dreams

Year: 2003
Country: USA
Genre: oral / anal sex
Length: 01:12:17
Directed by: John Travis
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: "Like every night, Wayne is home watching a hot porno flick", the story begins as Chico narrates. As he continues we see the slightly hairy, rugged Buddy Jones lying in bed jerking off to a porno that's playing bedside. It doesn't take long before Buddy shoots a load and dozes off. "But tonight was different", Chico tells us and the next thing you know the TV goes to static and magically the extremely hot, hung, Euro stud, Ladislav Pekar appears standing on the bed. I just love this guy! He's hung like a horse and is just too fucking hot! Buddy wakes up a bit surprised but in a blink of an eye goes right down on Ladislav's pecker, no pun intended. Buddy does a great job taking it almost all the way down, then Ladislav lies down and they get into some 69 action. With a look of amazement Buddy sits on top of Ladisalv and let's his hard, erect, cock slide slowly into him. He rides him face to face and midway, still sitting on top, turns around and rides him back to front for some more deep penetrating action. Buddy lies on his side and they continue their hot fuck session and they end missionary style with Buddy jerking off onto his chest as Ladislav pounds away. Ladislav pulls out and shoots like a fucking geiser far up onto Buddy's chest and then vanishes back to TV land.

In the next bedroom story, "Pipe Dream", it tells the tale of a guy staying in a hotel (Antonio Marquez) and when he goes to take a piss he finds the bathroom occupied by a plumber (David Chelsea). "You can work on this after", Antonio says as he grabs his cock through his pants, and without hesitation David follows him into the bedroom. These two hot, dark featured men were a perfect pairing and after some brief kissing and foreplay Antonio goes down on David's big, curved, cock getting it all nice and wet with his saliva. David has all he can handle when it's his turn and he tries to deep throat Antonio's beer can sized dick. They continue sucking in the 69 position on the bed then David stands up and Antonio continues his cock feast. David does a hot job of fucking his mouth, then he bends over and Antonio rims his hairy hole. David kneels down and they fuck doggy style with some nice penetration shots. David moans with pleasure as they continue missionary style. David shoots a big load of jizz on his stomach as Antonio rams his ass then he jerks himself off and they passionately kiss at the end. Another hot scene with more great performances!

"It's Your Dream" is a real standout and features college boy and really well hung, Marcus Allen as an employee who is involved with his boss, Arik Travis, in a bit of role play S&M action. It's really hot! After Marcus arrives at his bosses house he goes upstairs and is told to "get ready". Arik goes into the bedroom and Marcus is dressed in military garb and holds a riding crop. Marcus has him strip, talks dirty, then makes Arik lick his boots. Arik is then instructed to take off his clothes, while Marcus lies down and tells him to come over and "suck my cock". Arik does a nice job lapping up that big cock and then Marcus tells him he's going to fuck both holes. Arik takes it down his throat first with ease and seems to enjoy every moment. Marcus fucks his mouth nice and smoothly with some nice pelvic thrusts and I could've watched this for hours! Just too fucking hot! But after a brief moment Marcus gets Arik up on the bed and after spanking his ass with the crop he fucks him. Arik's really well lubed and Marcus penetrates deep as Arik moans with delight. Arik keeps begging for more. Arik sits on top of him and rides him and then they do it on their sides. Arik shoots a load while he's being fucked then Marcus lets his juice come all over Ariks balls before it fades out to our narrator Chico.

Finally, in "Dream Away", the tall, slender, Tico Martin is paired off with his buddy Jim Slade, both sporting some cowby hats and attire. Tico's been fired from his job and it seems Jim will do anything to help him out. I have to admit, Tico has one of the biggest cocks I've seen, or at least it seems to be and I couldn't wait to see him put it to use! Jim goes to town on it licking and sucking like it's filled with oxygen, slapping it against his face, and just plain ol' worshipping this big, uncut tool. Not only is he ravenous for the cock but also works over Tico's ball sack. After a bit of sucking action, Jim lies on his side and gets penetrated by Tico and lets out a bit of whimpering as the big rod goes into him. I'd let out a yelp or two myself! This boy is big! Jim gets it doggy style and buries his face in the pillow, pain and pleasure at the same time. At one point he even swears! But he loves it. Tico drives it on home as Jim continues moaning and screaming with delight and after he jerks himself off he tells Tico to shoot his load all over his face. Tico let's loose and covers Jim in a bath of cum. Hot, hot, hot!

File size: 693.1 MB

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