Eurocreme - Dirty Ladz: Uncensored Filth

Foot licking, face fucking and ass pounding, these lads are fucking filthy and love nothing more than getting a sweaty foot rubbed against their faces, sucking on their toes, spitting over their bodies and getting harder than ever before pummelling their holes with rock hard cocks, making them moan louder with each thrust, causing the spunk to fly out of throbbing dicks, spraying everything in sight.
Shaved headed Shane and the immensely cute Damien indulge their kinky side with a new pair of trainers and some real heavy foot and sock sniffing. Damien takes ages to worship Shane's feet and, having trainers shoved onto his face, he breathes in the scent! Spitting on his ass, Shane makes Damian soaking wet and slides deep inside, the fucking only stops so Damien can get to work on Shane's feet once more, sucking his toes and licking the soles. He's one horny young man who spunks all over the trainer as Shane coats his foot in warm spunk, rubbing it over the freshly licked foot.
Never before has delivering a barrel been so kinky. The dark haired delivery guy drops it off, and then drops his pants! The horned up barman is proper hungry for cock and can't wait to sit on the floor with the guy's feet pushing against his body and face. The big dicked fucker soon sees to the blond barman's ass, plunging his cock in as his feet get spat on, sucked, licked and everything else! Stuffing his dirty socks into his mouth mid-fuck just adds to the horniness.
Big dicked studs meet up after a game and, still kitted out and dirty from the pitch, they are as horny as hell and ready to feed each other their throbbing dicks, sweaty balls and dirty jockstraps! Pushing back onto a well slicked dick, the one guy grinds down hard as the top fucker pushes forward, feeding him as much cock into his begging butt as he can! Fucking him into the sofa whilst still wearing his jock, the sheer amount of dick this ass has been given shows by the amount of jizz splattered over his body - gallons of it as his cock is licked clean of the warm stuff. More sock sniffing fun as a sweaty bottom lad gets his ass really used by a merciless active guy with great rhythm to just keep on fucking as they both pour with sweat. Breathing in used trainers and dirty socks, it only serves to stiffen the dick already inside his ass and make the pounding even harder!
Tanned beauty Dominic and his team-mate enjoy some pre-game fun. Keeping their kit on, feet are licked clean, cocks are wet with spit and butts are lubed up with some tongue worshipping. Watch for the cumshots - Dominic has an awesomely powerful shot that will make you wanna join in there and then! These guys get fucked harder than ever before, pummelling their holes with rock hard cocks as moans grow louder with each and every thrust, causing the spunk to fly out of throbbing dicks, spraying everything in sight!

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