Fire Island Cruising 5 (2003)

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Starring: Michael Lucas, Rob Ramos, Wilson Vasquez, Cameron Fox, Rick Gonzales, Felipe Carson, Alex Leon, Cameron Turner, Brandon Roo
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Calling all Fire Island cruisers, it?s time for filthy fifths!
Porn-meister Michael Lucas has assembled another rock-hard line-up of frisky fit fuckers for a fifth helping of his ever-yummy Fire Island Cruising series. This one?s every bit as gush-worthy as its predecessors - with a few tasty surprises here and there.
We open with a deep-sucking sixty-nine, with Lucas and devilishly hot Latino hunk Rob Ramos (a Lucas Entertainment exclusive) bearing all the way down on each others? impressive shafts. Both guys have an appetite for shrimp (lots of tongue-bathing for their wiggly piggies), with Lucas demonstrating a ravenous appetite for eating Rob?s fully puckered hair hole before plowing and riding it like a rodeo champ - urged on by Rob?s exalted moans and grunts.
There?s an ego-bashing surprise in store, however, sprung after they fuck: Michael?s seemingly romantic aspirations and advances are brushed off by Rob, and with particularly crushing aloofness (after a bad long term Rob doesn?t want to date anyone just now). Truly some atypically self-deprecating stuff from the typically self-fellating Lucas; it?s a nice twist coming after the sheer snobbery Lucas traditionally exudes in his movies.
Out by a private pool, a sticky round of double-cock sucking and aggressive rump poking takes place between Felipe Carson, Alex Leon and Cameron Turner.
Following this is another threesome in a Jacuzzi that begins with Rick Gonzales double-sucking well-hung hunks Cameron Fox and Brandon Roo, all fit as a fiddle (would that a fiddle had three sprouted dicks). Cameron and Brandon both share blowjobbing chores on Rick?s giant uncut tool, with Cameron demonstrating a voracious deep-throating talent of Olympian magnitude. (His baby crop of facial scruff is mighty cute, too!) Better still, everybody?s versatile, so they all take turns slamming and being slammed. And I mean slammed.
Quasi-disturbing image of note: As topper Rick?s deep-penetrating cock jumps the track and pops briefly out of the hole, bottom boy Brandon?s ?Australian ass? juices forth with a clear torrent of leaked lube. (Who knew the mangina could auto-moisturize?)
Cameron Fox and Rob have a go at each other next, sucking on cock and slurping on spread-apart rosebud. Cameron mounts Rob?s ass and pounds his sphincter commandingly, at one point rotating 180-degrees while still lunged deep inside the hot hombre?s hump hole. Rob?s volcanic eruption of thick vanilla nut cream is an absolute stunner. Keep your replay button in reach, and thank your lucky stars DVDs can?t be worn out.
Next we meet strapping hunk-fuck Wilson Vasquez, another mouth-watering, cock-stiffening Latino sex toy (and Lucas Entertainment exclusive) who gets his dark uncut pendulum serviced properly by Felipe and Rick. Felipe gets tag-teamed by Wilson and Rick, but the serious sparks occur when Rick gushes off a messy load while seated upon Wilson?s fully thrusted man-sized apparatus.
Some fluctuating audio is the only technical flaw, noticeable mainly during the (stilted) dialogue interludes. Otherwise, the camerawork and editing are as smooth and tight as the superbly fit fellas. Fire indeed: these studly fuckers all generate enough sexual heat to get you and your cocklust through the chilly winter.
Fire Island Cruising 5 - Brava! Enjoy!..

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