GayDreams 2

Description: Master Director Chris Ward brings forth one of the most amazing movies of the year - and one of the most passionate films of all time. Not since Raiders of the Lost Arse has Raging Stallion put so much time and effort into a single release. Shot on locations in and around San Francisco over a period of several months, Gay Dreams sets a new standard for Gay Erotica. The sex virtually explodes off the screen for well over two full, cum dripping hours as the hottest men on earth fuck each other into ecstatic oblivion. Raging Stallion's Top Quality in stunning lighting, heart pounding music, beautiful editing and camera work, ass-in-your-face directing, and truly remarkable casting combine as never before to set the standard for 21st century gay erotica! Bold and Powerful, Gay Dreams delivers load after load of steaming cum right in your lap!

Gay Dreams is a Star Vehicle for new Raging Stallion discover and exclusive Shane Rollins. A filthy boy toy like you have never, ever seen before, Shane is a 24 year old smooth built blond who sets the movie on fire. Sure, he has a giant, nine-inch, thick, veiny cock, but what really sets him off is his perfect, insatiable, pink ass-hole. Puckered or clenched tight, Shane's hole can't wait to get filled - and the gym studs of Gay Dreams rise to the occasion in scene after pounding scene. Indeed, no Shane Hole goes unfilled! A total sex pig (can hot young boys really get this nasty?), Shane shows us that he is not just a good fuck: in the first scene he is paired with hairy hip-hop Fyre Fli for a switch hitter spectacle that will make your eyes pop. Shane's ass shimmers like an alabaster sculpture as his body gyrates in the moonlight. Every fuck position is fully exploited and beautifully filmed for you to enjoy.
Victor Rios: The Most Beautiful Man Alive!
If there ever was a man of your dreams, Victor Rios must be that man. A fine latin hottie with a perfect body and an even more perfect cock, Rios fucks new comer Triton Rivers in a fantastic hot tub sequence that blurs the boundary between art and erotica. This scene has a distinct Kristen Bjorn feel that is sure to give you a rise. His dream man before him, Rivers explores Victor by touch and feel, sensuously caressing his every curve and boldly acting on every torrid impulse until the hot tub boils over!
The Best Fucking Chris Ward Has Ever Filmed!
The second half of the movie takes place in the city where dreams cum true. Shot in a stunning house in San Francisco's Castro district, Raging Stallion exclusive man-rammer Michael Vincenzo meets up with Peter Raeg (star of SEXUS and one of the best male performers working today) after a day of shopping. Gay Dreams star Shane Rollins watches from across the street as these two erotic superstars go inside to take advantage of an afternoon with nothing to do. Shane begins to imagine what these two horny guys are up to and through the magic of movie-making you the viewer get to go inside Shane's head to see just how twisted his vivid imagination really is. Imagine this: perfect asses, engorged, ready-to spurt dicks, uncontrollable male lust permeating the air ... No one can stop the spontaneous fucking that happens so quickly that they forgot to get the condoms. After they do sleeve up, they fuck up and down a stair case in a scene that will last forever as the standard to which all future movies must measure up. Raeg and Vincenzo are so amazingly filmed that you will watch this scene over and over again and Chris Ward himself says that this scene is one of the high points of his directing career.
Vincenzo Shoots Four Full Loads in Less than Five Minutes!
$ 49.00!
OK - so how would YOU end your Dream Movie? Shane, still outside wondering what Raeg and Vincenzo are up to, decides to imagine himself in an all-male sandwich that starts off with an ass eating extravaganza featuring Super Star butt hole every where you look! Hairy man-ass, begging boy-ass, porn star muscle-ass - no matter what your taste, it's on the menu in the feature finale of Gay Dreams. A frenzy of ass eating is followed by wet and nasty cock sucking until you are aching for release! Then, as if this movie had not already delivered more than your Wildest Dreams, Vincenzo and Raeg take charge of Shane's Butt in what cannot be described with words alone. This is real sex in real time and the cum shots prove it! Michael Vincenzo was so turned on by Shane's world class ass that he actually shot four separate full loads in a matter of less than five minutes, the last one spurting out of his over-used cock right as Shane and Raeg erupt in a massive joint spunk spasm that leaves everyone shaking in disbelief!
The Crew Came Too!
Even the crew on the Raging Stallion set were shocked at the grand finale of Gay Dreams. There was so much cum in the room that you could smell it throughout the entire mansion. The grips and photographers on the set had just witnessed the most amazing sex ever filmed and they could not hold it in. In something that may never before have happened in the history of porn, the entire crew shot their loads - too turned on to keep working without sexual relief. Shooting Gay Dreams was an over-the-top experience that will deliver pleasure to thousands of men for years to come. Gay Dreams is the finest film that Raging Stallion has ever had available to offer.
Gay Dreams gives you almost three full hours of footage, including some amazing behind-the-scenes special features. There are no boring slide shows here (just hit your pause button, and you have over a million snapshots throughout the movie). Instead you get a behind the scenes interview with Shane Rollins showing one of his photo shoots. Get to know him better and find out what makes this young man so nasty! Learn his secret to maintaining the perfect body. Watch him smile one more time, especially when he fingers his pucker for the photographer! A second feature is an extensive excerpt of unedited footage from the grand finale of Gay Dreams - proof that Vincenzo did actually cum four times without trick photography. Hear the videographer react in amazement when he sees this Raging Stallion exclusive stud shoot load after load after load!
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