Grunts ? Brothers in Arms

Army grunts have always been guinea pigs. For years the top brass has used enlisted soldiers for medical experiments in efforts to advance military science. Grunts: Brothers in Arms is the real story behind the development of the Gay Bomb - a true story taken straight from the front page of The New York Times. It is also the story of two twin brothers, played by Steve Cruz and Orlando Toro. The Ramirez brothers are mirror images of one another - each a blistering hot stud who gets off on having sex with his own lookalike. Their scenes must be seen to be believed.
Grunts: Brothers in Arms opens as private Victor Steele reports for orders from Sergeant Houle (played by Jake Deckard) early in the morning. Deckard informs him of the experiment to expose the troops to hypospastic nitrate - the chemical that turns straight men gay. Deckard decides to perform a physical inspection on Private Steele, just to make sure he is up for the job. Jake pushes Steele down to suck his dick. Steele's ass is next up for inspection and Jake uses fingers and tongue to get inside. He warms it up first and then slips his dick in. Once Jake starts to fuck him the scene really takes off. Victor cums while Jake is fucking him and Jake shoots his load all over Victor's ass.
After fucking Steele into oblivion, Sergeant Houle takes the entire platoon out for combat training. Real guns and real men - they are taken thru the paces under the hot sun, all of them nearly passing out from the heat. Training is not supposed to be easy, and the grunts are exhausted by the end of the long day. The sergeants head off to the showers while Steve Cruz and Orlando Toro go their own separate ways for some solo action. Their solos are a great introduction to each guy - it's freaky how much they look alike.
The next day the guys are training again, but this time trouble is brewing. Seems like some of the privates are making fun of Sergeant Houle's name, calling him Sergeant Hole! This really pisses the Sarge off, and Jake goes ballistic! (He gives the men a dress-down that screams "Best Actor" award.) As punishment, Jake decides to select this platoon for night patrol - and for a dose of hypospastic nitrate. "Turn 'em all into queers and then let's see who is laughing."
The men set off under patrol leader Victor Steele. As night falls, they set up camp and begin the long, boring wait until dawn. But soon a white smoke drifts thru the trees and down the valley and before long the drug has its effect! Gradually guys start noticing things about each other that they had never seen before - a bulge here, a curve there. Within minutes they are crazed with lust, manhandling each other in a fight for cock!
The action begins with a giant group - Victor Steele, Steve Cruz, Orlando Toro, Trey Casteel, Antonio Biaggi, Kamrun, Luke Hass, and RJ Danvers. They suck each other, everyone gagging on Biaggi's massive horse cock. As the energy builds it becomes explosive! Soon Steve Cruz and Trey Casteel are fucking like pigs, eyes crazed over with drug-induced horniness. For this night, at least, they are about as straight as a three dollar bill.
Next up, Orlando Toro takes control of Kamrun's ass, fucking just as hard as Steve Cruz. (These brothers even fuck the same!) Toro's hairy chest is a thing to admire, and Kamrun's mammoth uncut cock stands at attention during this amazing fuck. It really looks sweet with white cum dripping down against ebony skin.
A threeway between Victor Steele, Luke Hass and RJ Danvers starts immediately after Toro's cum shot. R.J. is one of the hottest new discoveries around, a young man with a great face and beautifully hairy chest. Steele, who actually served in the Marine Corps, delivers a fuck worthy of a warrior. Luke Hass is a stunning man with a huge, giant cock. This scene is what grunt porn is all about - hard, hot, and heavy!
And now it is time to introduce Antonio Biaggi - the man with the biggest dick in gay porn! Just so you can see it all with no distractions, Biaggi begins with a short solo show-off before being joined by Aaron Summers (who also really served in the Army). Summers also has a huge cock, but this scene is all about his holes! Wait until you see him try to deep throat Biaggi's bat - gagging has never felt so good! And then, when Summers turns over, his ass offered up, Biaggi takes the bait and plows away in an instant porn classic scene. It's big cock meets deep hole big time.

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