Hairy Boyz 7

Description: The first scene finds hairy-chested college jock JD Kollin in the shower with blond bottom boy Bobby Williams. As they go at it they become the focus of a voyeur in the form of their curious roommate, Danny Hunter. Danny really gets an eyeful as he secretly watches thru the cracked door - he sees a blowjob of monumental proportions followed by some of the most dramatic man-to-man fucking that he has ever seen. We the viewers, the ultimate voyeurs, see even more! We get to enjoy those close-up shots of JD's wonderful cock ramming Bobby's perfect bubble butt! And we also get to see Danny wanking hard on one of the largest cocks ever to appear in porn! Cum shots are delivered up for your sensual enjoyment in the hopes that all of you will join in and virtually participate in the white-hot action!
In another scene, we check out blond boy turned sex pig Pete Ross in an award-quality scene with JD Kollin. You saw both of these hot young men in Hot Properties, but this is their first pairing together. Both guys enjoy a frenzy fuck - a furtive exploration into forbidden lust. The tension builds as each worries about being caught by the team coach. They take shelter in the team equipment room way down in the hidden corner of the stadium. Privacy assured, cocks stand at attention and Pete's pink hole is ably filled by JD's personal equipment.
You can practically smell the hot scent of sexual arousal - and you can certainly see it in Rick Hammersmith's face as he is cast into the torrid mass of men waiting within a dark sex club. The boy finds his way into the hands of Matt Sizemore for a fuck that will make your eyes pop! This pairing is a match that gave director Chris Ward a rare chance to become an erotic artist. Beautifully filmed and right down to business, Sizemore delivers the finest fuck of his long, hard career, and Hammersmith takes the ride of a lifetime in what certainly will be one of the most talked about scenes of the year. Other video companies take note - Raging Stallion shows you how it should be done!
Next you will find Mr. Perfect Chest, Eric Evans, performing a muscle worship segment just for you. He strokes his pecs, his huge arms, his tight abs (he has never looked better), his power-pole thighs, and his massive set of cock and balls. As he flexes himself to an orgasm, you can really appreciate why this man was on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine.
Miguel Leonn must be running on some really high octane testosterone 'cause he crosses the room stalking his prey with the cool nonchalance of a horse hung man. Julian Morino, a smoldering stud with a light layer of soft fur covering his tight caramel toned skin leading down to an almost perfect match for Miguel's dick, is the intended target. They stand toe to toe, their mahogany eyes locked, cocks hard and at the ready with rose pink mushroom heads peaking out from the last ring of dark tan foreskin. As the shafts confront each other you know that this has to lead to some primo docking and it does! The macho level suddenly kicks up a notch. The operative term here is "face fuck." The two men switch back and forth with a tangible level of aggression, each one trying to make the other choke on monster dick. Their spurting simultaneous multiple orgasms, right over the camera lens, are the very definition of hot damn!
Nexus is a grand opus from director Chris Ward, the second in his trilogy inspired by the titles of author Henry Miller's books. With sterling performers in ever-shifting positions, Mr. Ward utilizes only the best of their talents in creating a completely thrilling orgy. Mediocrity need not apply, flagging moments are gone. For Hairy Boyz 7, we chose to showcase the incredible pairing of power top Riley Porter and ready-for-anything Bruce Jennings. Truly a match to behold!

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