Heat Waves (1982) DVDRip

Produced in: 1982
Country: USA
Genre: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Duration: 00:56:12
Director: no info

Bill Charles, Cory Monroe, Dan Burns, Erick Martin, Greg Miller (80s), Hans Mueller (80s), Jeff Burke (80s), Jeff Gaines, Jerry O'Brien, Joel Thomas (80s), Mark Hansen, Mike Barnes, Pat Fulton

Here they come! The Boys of Summer! 12 young guys who find they can't beat the heat, so they decide to join in on it instead. Do they ever join in! It is a trip that goes from patio to pinball parlor and hits all the hot spots in between. Here is one trip you don't want to miss. Catch a wave! The temperature is rising! Join our guys on these pulsing Heat Waves!
1. Try It on for Size - 1976
Hans Mueller (80s) OgrAt, Erick Martin OgrAb
Erick comes home with a new tanktop to show Hans. He finds his roommate asleep. However, Hans' giant cock is awake, fully aroused and too tempting for Erick to resist. Erick's hot lips pump the big dick and awaken Hans who happily proceeds to give Erick a fuck that no one will forget very soon.
2. Sales and Service - 1976
Mike Barnes OrgAt, Joel Thomas (80s) OgrAb
Mike's morning shower is interrupted by a consumer research investigator. Joel's investigation soon leaves the printed page and becomes far more personal as he comes under the spell of Mike's thick, juicy cock. And when Mike begins to fuck Joel, Joel discovers the rewards of successful research. It's a perfect match of cock, ass, and two horny men.
3. The Big Weenie - 1976
Greg Miller (80s) OgrAb, Jeff Gaines OrgAt
Greg stops by the Big Weenie Restaurant for a light lunch. What happens when he spots waiter Jeff's basket, however is anything but light. Jeff's big, thick dick is fully up to the hot demands of Greg's mind, mouth and ass. When it's over, Greg isn't certain whether it was for real - or not. After all, it could happen in hollywood.
4. Pinball Wizard (Nova) - 1976
Pat Fulton OrAt, Jerry O'Brien OgAb
When Pat wins at pinball, Jerry has to pay up on their bet. It seemed a good before the game began, and Pat certainly turns Jerry on, but Jerry finds the a little scary - at first. Soon, however, both young studs are lost in a sex world of their own and steely hard cocks make their demands of passion in a game that no one loses.
5. Caught! (short) - 1976
Mark Hansen OrAt, Bill Charles OgAb
Mark discovers Bill spray painting graffiti on his wall and drags Bill into his backyard for some punishment. Pulling down Bill's shorts for a thorough spanking stimulates Mark to a few lewd which he proceeds to put into effect. Bill roughly gets his first taste of hard meat down his throat and up his ass until both are drained of their juices. Found in collection Blue Vanities Tape 333
6. Cableman - He Delivers - 1976
Jeff Burke (80s) OrgAbt, Dan Burns OgrAbt
When Dan invites the cable TV installer to try out his home gym, good things are bound to come up. And come up they do as two sleek and muscular honed bodies get down for fun in the sun. As they measure each other's considerable stamina, hard juicy cocks explore sucking mouths and tight assholes and Jeff and Dan trade hard fucks and big loads.

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