His Big Brother (1994)

Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock, Deep Throating, Fetish, Uncut Cocks, Masturbation, Voyeurism
Starring: Cutter West, Scott Wilder, Alec Powers, Brian Maxx, Curt Steele, Kurt Wolffe, Domino, Troy Halston
Studio: Studio 2000

They're rich. They're young. And they're hot, handsome and hung. They are the boys of USC and they're not in school on scholarships. But that doesn't mean they aren't smart. They are--smart looking, smart acting, and they know all the right moves. They're California Golden Boys and. wherever they are there is a golden glow and whatever they touch takes on the heat and strength of the sun.
HIS BIG BROTHER is about three of these Golden Boys as portrayed by Cutter West, Kurt Steele and Alec Powers. These three are roommates and they've leased a posh house up in the Hollywood Hills in order to get the best out of their education. It's paradise. Sleeping until late morning. Then a dip in the pool, a snack, a cruise in the new convertible, afternoons at the beach and evenings checking out the clubs. All the while celebrating their sexuality and freedom whenever the opportunity arises. And, occasionally, of course, a stop at the university for a or two. Life couldn't get any better. Paradise, indeed.
Paradise is threatened, however, when Cutter gets a letter that his younger brother, played by newcomer Brian Maxx, is arriving for a visit. What if he likes living with his big brother? What if he wants to live with them next year? Paradise can be hell when one's little brother is looking on. The guys decide on one last fling before cleaning up their act for little brother's visit. Cutter heads for the shower to ready himself for his afternoon gentleman caller while Kurt heads down the hill to check out his diet with the new graduate assistant swimming coach and Alec heads over to a newfound buddy to work on his car.
Curt Wolffe arrives to give Cutter good company and the action that develops between these two is all that anyone could wish. Whether it's body worship, tongue baths, sucking, rimming, fingering or fucking, it's pretty obvious that these two guys are really into each other. And it certainly is no surprise that little brother, Brian, finds the situation hard to ignore when he arrives a little earlier than expected. No one could fail to be turned on by these two sexual carnivores. Brian is really turned on and it's up and it's out and it's stroked and it spurts all over the floor. Brian's upset and out of there. Cutter and Curt are too into each other to even realize that anything has happened--except to them.
Meanwhile over at the dorm, the grad assistant, the drop dead handsome Domino who is looking better than ever before, and Kurt are busily trying out a new diet recommendation. The food turns out to be inedible. However, the two young men quickly find something real tasty on which to chow down. Kurt's hard and very oversize dick finds all kinds of holes that need filling when he looks into the smoldering eyes of the hot Manhattan Latin.
After a ball-busting session with Kurt and Domino, we catch up with Alec who is hard at work on his buddy's car. The buddy is Troy Halston--another Golden Boy. The work that Alec is doing isn't nearly as hard as both of these guys dicks and soon the ruse of working on the car is dropped as these two put in some heavy action working over each other's hot bodies and prime equipment. It's blond-on-blond at its best.
Back at the house the three roommates realize from the souvenirs that Brian left behind that Cutter's little brother has arrived early and discovered all he needs to know. They are seriously worried and try to figure out what to do.
While the three guys are sweating it out, we switch over to Brian. He isn't worried much about anything except the telltale mess he left behind. He's busy renewing a friendship with a buddy, Scott Wilder, whom he hasn't seen for awhile. It's pretty obvious that these two guys are pretty special to each other and when they begin exploring each other's body as only two men can, the violins soar--and so do our dicks. This is one of those very special scenes that is sensitive and sensual and hot and passionate all at once. It's two guys who make real magic together.
Everything turns out fine when Cutter discovers that Brian wants his freedom just has much as HIS BIG BROTHER does. Paradise returns and everyone adjourns to Gladstones for a festive celebration dinner.
HIS BIG BROTHER is a celebration of the beautiful men of Southern California--young, smooth, golden tanned, toned, cut, muscular, velvet smooth and soft on the surface and hard and throbbing beneath. Blood that pounds like the ocean surf and bodies with the sexual drive and thrust of the hot cars on the freeways and speedways. Carefree youth at its finest with just a touch of kink and fetish to make things truly exciting.
Directed in high style by John Travis and produced with an eye to perfection by Scott Masters, HIS BIG BROTHER is--whether it's rated five stars, four cum spurts, or three and a half scorched shirts, one damn hot and fine video. Enjoy!..

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