Hunt And Plunge (Michael Lucas, Lucas Entertainment)

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Cast: Carlos Morales, Chad Hunt, Marco Rochelle, Mario Ortiz, Tag Adams, Jay Black, Felipe Eller, Alejandro Cosme, Zach Jayden, Richie Fine, Jack Simmons, Raul Tasco, Anthony Ferrat, Chris Bolt, Daniel Estevez, Lucas Preor, Erik Martins, Brandon Roo, Mitch Ryder

It doesn't get any better than this! In Hunt and Plunge, Michael Lucas masterfully showcases the biggest gay porn star of them all, horsehung Chad Hunt. This video consists of Michael Lucas interviewing Chad, showing us a new scene with the insatiable Zach Jayden along with a compilation of Chad's scenes from other Lucas Entertainment videos. Most revealingly in the interview segments, Chad comes across as a genuinely nice guy, a person you'd like to hang out with.
The first sex scene features twinkie Zach Jayden with Chad. Rarely has a bottom been so hungry for a cock! Zach ravenously sucks on that cock, trying his darndest to get that monster down his throat. And Zach stays hard the entire time without even touching himself! Chad fingers Zach's hole and tastes it by licking his fingers. Zach also hungrily eats out Chad's hole before sticking some fingers up Chad's chute. When Chad begins to fuck Zach's tight smooth bottom, Zach's in obvious pain. But pleasure wins out and soon enough Zach's taking it like the best pussy-bottoms out there! This scene by itself is top notch, and the rest of the video holds up as well.
The next scene is from FIRE ISLAND CRUISING and features cock-hungry Anthony Ferrat and Chad. Chad starts off the scene by eating Anthony's tight smooth hole, but then it's Anthony's turn to feast on Chad's donkey dick. He absolutely SAVORS Chad's dick! When Chad plunges his monster up Anthony's chute, Anthony experiences some pain at first, but then takes it like the pig bottom that he is. The scene's rounded out by some water sports play.
From FIRE ISLAND CRUISING 2, the next scene's an orgy. Chad's not the only top in this scene, but he's certainly the guy with the biggest cock, which is no small feat, given that this scene features several horsehung men.
Also from the same flick, the next scene pairs up Chris Bolt with Chad. As with the other bottoms, Chris is a total size queen and is in heaven chowing on Chad's meat. This boy has no gag reflex, and his other hole has no limits either! Chad, ever the hole-hungry top, eats and fingers that hole before plowing in!
From LIFESTYLES, up next is a 9-man orgy scene. The scene's trimmed down a bit from the original, but nonetheless, there are some big-dicked tops and cock hungry bottoms, as hot and piggy as anyone can get!
Next up, is one of the best threeways EVER! From VENGEANCE, it features ravenous bottom Carlos Morales playing with Chad and Erik. Both of Carlos' holes are open for business, and Erik and Chad take full advantage! After a significant amount of oral play (where Erik proves he has no back to his throat), Chad fucks Carlos some. Erik then takes his turn on Carlos, and as Erik's plowing, Chad comes up behind Erik and stuffs his cock up Erik's hole. It's a manwich-fucking-machine! There are some seed-spilling shots of Erik's thick cock in Carlos' hole and Chad's monster up Erik! Some dildo play, fisting, and water sports fun rounds out the scene.
Finally, a 9-man orgy from VENGEANCE 2 rounds out the video. There's too much to describe, and it goes without saying that Chad's the biggest one in the bunch and that the bottoms who manage to take him on experience undeniable pain initially. There's plenty of hungry ass eating, deepthroat cocksucking and hole-splitting buttfucking going on to satisfy anyone's desire.
Hunt and Plunge, though mostly a compilation video with a new scene thrown in, is a must for fans of Chad Hunt. In fact, anyone who enjoys good sex will go back to this video for repeat viewings.
Notice: Although it does not detract from the entire video, a scene has been censored by Lucas Entertainment for what they term as "legal" reasons. The original full length version is only available directly from Lucas Entertainment at a different price. The censored scenes usually involve fisting, extreme ass play or water sports.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 2:13:43
Video: 352x292, AVC (H.264), 350kbps
Audio: 76kbps

File size: 422.1 MB

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