I Do (1984)

Produced in: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Duration: 01:11:35
Director: Steve Scott

Andy Fuller (Steve, the groom), Steve Collins (Ken, the tailor), Beau Matthews (Matt, the photographer), Tim Kramer (The caterer), Dean London (Dean, the best man), Jeff Carson (Bobby, the bride's brother), Brian Nichols (Brian, a chauffeur), Bob Emory (Brian, a chauffeur), Joe Roberts (Brian, the barber), Richard Faulkner (The catalog model), Mark Reynolds (The reverend), Linda Martin (The Bride)

Jeff Carson (the groom's brother) "tricks" the whole (male) wedding party into having plenty of GAYSEX before the wedding - (a barber, tailor, caterer help out) great blowjobs, no-condom fucking - and the brother "gets it" in the end! (from bother the bridegroom and the best man!). Fantastic scene when tailor Steve Collins talks Andy Fuller into a blow job in the dressing room of his shop - "aww, c'mon, no will we know". Only disappointment in the film was hot, handsome Beau Matthews posing as a photographer, blows his cock ring model, but only gets shirtless himself!
1. Dean London solo, Linda Martin S, Andy Fuller S
Since nobody in the house closes their bedroom doors, Dean London plays with his own stiffy as he watches the groom fuck his fiance in the ass (makes you wonder if there really was a vagina in the cast). He works out a load into his jockey shorts and the bridal couple reach organsm.
2. Andy Fuller Or, Joe Marconi Og
Steve is scheduled for a haircut. While his hair is getting washed the hairdresser gropes him. After a few feeble protests, Steve lets the guy make noisy lip-love to his his hardening cock. Steve pulls off a load and the lips clean up the dripping dick.
3. Bob Emory Og, Brian Nichols (80s) Or
Chauffers Brian (Nichols) and Todd (Bob Emory) wait for their riders. Todd offers to show his new coworker what "some of the drivers do to pass the time." They climb in the back seat and Todd starts the demonstration by feeling Brian's crotch. In short order Todd has a lip lock on Brian's man-rod. They ignore Bobbie's pager calls.
found in compilation Hot Numbers 2
4. Tim Kramer OrgAt, Jeff Carson OrgAb
Bobby goes to the caterer to tell the chef (Tim Kramer) that the bride wants to add more to the guest list. Bobby used to work there and chef says that he misses Bobby's ass around here. Bobby asks if chef has some time. He helps chef out of his clothes and applies his face below chef's 6-pack abdomen. Chef returns the favor until Bobby turns around and bends over the prep table for a rimming that he seems to enjoy. On his back, Bobby's hole is lubed with Crisco and soon takes chef's hot sausage to the hilt. Chef spills his sauce on Bobby's stomach and they kiss to seal the dish.
found in compilation Hot Numbers 1
5. Jeff Carson Og, Beau Matthews Og
Bobby goes to see the photographer, Matt, to tell him what poses the bride wants. Matt was doing a photo shoot and Bobby asks if he can watch. Matt says yes, "I might even be able to use you." Matt is taking pictures of a crotch in leather jock straps and cock gear. When Matt goes in for a light measurement he starts fluffing the exposed cock for cock ring erection shots, eyeing Bobby to come join. Bobby is staring wide eyed when Matt asks him to "give me a hand with this." The two suck the stunt genitals until the faceless model comes over the two worshipers.
6. Dean London Or, Steve Collins Og
Dean London goes for his tux fitting and tailor Ken gives his pants some extra special attention in the rear. When he helps Dean out of his trousers, Ken buries his face in Dean's underwear as the startled groom mildly protests that "we shouldn't be doing this." Poor Dean keeps looking for someone to catch them as Ken moans his pleasure on Dean's marriage present. Ken pulls off a load on his knees and Dean donates his in slow motion to Ken's outstretched tongue. Dean hears Bobby congratulating Ken on his conquest.
7. Andy Fuller At, Dean London At, Jeff Carson Ab
Steve and the best man are dressing for the wedding when Dean asks if anything funny happened the previous day. Recounting their stories at the tailor and the hair dresser, the two decide that Bobby must have set them up. They call Bobby in to "help with this" and 'this' turns out to be two hard cocks pointing out of their dress clothes. Jeff doesn't need any further instruction to go down on Steve and then Dean. Dean pulls the suspenders off Bobby's broad v-shaped back, lays down on the bed and pulls Bobby's face onto his raging erection. Bobby's exposed ass is now ready for a hard piece of groom and Steve helps himself to it. Now Bobby is on his back with his rose bud winking in the air as Steve kneels over him feeding him cock. It's Deans turn to make use of Bobby's loosened hole. Then Bobby takes is in both ends and he impales himself on a prostrate Dean while Steve stands over them and keeps Bobby's mouth filled with his throbbing dick. Dean starts to groan and his dick slides out of Bobby's hot hole and dribbles cum and it rides in Bobby's crack. Bobby takes another load in the face as the groom empties his load. Bobby sucks the spent cock dry so the bride will have to settle for small seconds tonight.

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