In the Jeans (2005)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Model, Big Cock, Fetish, Uncut Cocks, Latino, Interracial, Masturbation, Rimming, Threesomes
Starring: Brad Slater, Christian Owen, Jason Crew, Jason Harley, Jason Kingsley, John Marcus, Niko, Rafael Alencar, Ty Walker, Viktor Perseo
Studio: Studio 2000

This video asks a deliciously provocative question: What is it about a beautiful chiseled stud in a pair of tight blue jeans that drives us as gay men into such cock-pumping lust? Maybe it's the way they hug an exquisite cock, thighs, balls and ass so tight you can just about taste the pre-cum. Donner gives presents a blazing look at all the forms this unstoppable denim-on-flesh lust takes - a cum-blasting look full of fucking, sucking and ass-licking.
In the Jeans opens with our host, flawlessly muscled olive-skinned wet dream Niko, coming home with an armload of shopping bags full of blue jeans. As he sits down clad only in a form-fitting pair, he lets the denim of several other pairs caress the skin of his breath-defyingly perfectly abs. He tells us of his roots in Eastern Europe, where people will do anything for a pair of jeans, because it's "the one single piece of clothing that can turn you on." Niko proves this all too well as he introduces every scene - in and out of his jeans - and strokes his magnificent cock.
In the first tale, caramel-skinned cutie Jason Harley is on a bed reading a magazine, when his boyfriend, mega-hung and adorable Jason Crew, brings in a pile of old jeans that he intends to donate to charity. The two studs begin to laugh and reminisce as they go through the clothes. When Crew comes to a pair of skimpy cut-off jeans, Harley teases him that there's no way he'd still be able to fit into them. All too happy to prove his boy wrong, Crew strips, giving us a first glimpse of his donkey dick, and zips up the cut-offs.
In seconds, Crew is face down on the bed as Harley playfully smacks his delicious ass through the denim. When Crew's humongous hard-on slides out, the play gets serious as Harley hungrily deep-throats every beautiful inch. Crew returns the favor in a sizzling 69, and soon can't resist turning Harley over for a taste of his incomparably luscious pucker. With Harley's hole quivering, Crew drives his titanic tool in for a hard-pounding missionary-style, then sidesaddle fuck with ultra-masculine Harley breathlessly begging to get fucked harder and deeper all the while.
Just when the action couldn't get any hotter, big-dicked topman Crew throws his lithe legs in the air to have his own ass pummeled by Harley's uncut meat in a fierce flip-flop fuck. Crew rides Harley's cock like a man possessed as Harley slides back in missionary style to fuck the cum out of Crew - before drenching him in more cock juice.
In scene two, sublime Spaniard Viktor Perseo sips on a quiet beer as the only customer in an empty bar, while eyeing gruff and humpy bartender John Marcus. In charmingly blunt fashion, Perseo wordlessly goes back around the counter, rips the seat of Marcus' jeans apart, and slides a finger into the bartender's hole. Marcus climbs onto the bar and Perseo dives in tongue-first for a long and luscious rimming. Perseo then rips off the rest of the bartender's clothes to lap at his furry pecs and gorgeous cock.
Marcus can't wait for a taste of Perseo, and starts by taking the Latin muscle god's boots off to tongue his feet. Another stunning 69 follows, this time on the bar, before Marcus slides his tongue into Perseo's absolutely exquisite hole, then replaces it with his cock to pummel the ultra-butch stud both missionary and doggie-style. But Marcus can take as well as he gives, as we see when he eagerly impales himself on Perseo's pinga. This incredible sweat and testosterone-soaked interlude ends with colossal loads from both of these sensational sexualists.
In scene three, boyish and dicklicious dirty blond Christian Owen comes upon a garage sale, where tattooed and handsome Ty Walker is selling many of his old and worn jeans. Owen finds a pair that he knows will look gorgeous on him (and get him action later in the club), and takes them into Walker's house to try them on. But Owen gets a little carried away, and is soon naked and jerking off on Walker's fold out couch. Walker comes in to check on the boy, and in seconds has his mouth on Owen's juicy cock.
Owen returns the cock-sucking favor as he downs Walker's dick, and turns him around for a mighty tongue-fucking, as Walker pleads for Owen to get his hole wet and ready for a plowing. Happy to oblige, Owen slides his thick cock into Walker and gives him a beautifully and hard-pounding doggie fuck. Owen pumps Walker's prostate to coax waves of cum, and adds his own gusher to complete the pig bottom's jizz bath.
As our final scene opens, mouthwatering movers Rafael Alencar, Jason Kingsley and Brad Slater are unloading boxes in a large cottage. When Alencar stops to remark that the place is beautiful, Slater and Kingsley start to jokingly give him a hard time - at exactly which moment Alencar bends over and splits his pants, revealing his succulent ass cheeks. Alencar is embarrassed and gets defensive, but that doesn't last long, as Slater pulls him in for a rough kiss, and Kingsley pulls those beautiful cheeks apart to drive his tongue into Alencar's hole. While Kingsley goes long and deep into Alencar's pucker, Slater swallows the Brazilian's gigantic cock to its base.
Soon it's Kingsley's turn for an expert suck job as his two Latin co-workers fight over his juicy rod. After all three studs get their throats stuffed full of cock, Alencar and Kingsley lie down on the floor with their legs around each other and their cocks pressed together for insatiable bottom boy Slater to go back and forth, riding one and then the other. Slater bucks onto those cocks so hard he's totally in charge of his own ass-drilling. This endlessly enticing three-way ends with explosive splash shots all around.
Finally, we come back to our golden muscle god storyteller Niko to watch him caress his rock-hard thighs and pecs, spread his miraculously luscious ass cheeks, and finally shoot a monumental gusher all over the piles of blue jeans in front of him.
Get In the Jeans of these intensely virile, devastatingly sublime and hungry as fuck sex pigs for a ride you'll never forget. Enjoy!..

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Duration: 01:25:09
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