Jungle Cruisers

Production year: 2006
Country: Brazil
Genre: Anal / oral sex, Latino & Black Men, Muscles, Brazilian, Safe Sec
Length: 1:40:29

Description: It is said that the jungle has a thousand eyes. If that's so, judging by the hot Brazilian men in this particular jungle, that means there are 500 huge cocks out there, too. Even though a national park stands in for the rain forest (I've seen enough National Geographic specials to know that the jungle isn't usually paved with terrazzo tiles, plus there's a yappy dog ??that can be heard off-camera - it would have been squeezed to death by an anaconda long ago), Brazilian director Alexander's "Jungle Cruisers" works, mostly because the studs deliver sizzling sex. In the great tradition of Brazilian porn, they're also so well-hung that it seems as if each successive scene offers even bigger uncut meat.
Chief among them is beautiful Ramon Mendez, who is a triple threat: handsome and buff in addition to the aforementioned asset. Security guard Bruno Loronha lurks in full uniform throughout, but he never seems to want to catch anyone fucking, he just likes to watch, which is nice work if you can get it. Another asset here is that the bottoms tend to be at least as well-hung as the tops, which becomes evident as soon as young dude Pero Coresma drops trou to fool around with not one but two studs in the opener. Pero's dick, long, fat, and beautifully proportioned, is a wonder, but no less so that his partners, who take turns fucking his face and ass. Huge cum-shots are included in each scene, but Pero's, aimed at a tropical palm tree after his two fuck buddies desert him, is especially creamy and bountiful.

Apparently the men aren't hip to the fact that they're in no danger of being arrested by the voyeuristic security guard, because they look over their shoulders (or over the shoulders of the guy on his knees in front of them) while sucking and fucking. Darrien Leon's bubble-butt is superb, so it's no wonder that when he hooks up with Andre Castro that Andre turns him around and bends him over in record time. As Andre slams deep into Darrien's curvy crack, the camera travels below the penetration, which shows off Darrien's rock-hard cock swaying with each thrust. Darrien and Andre both cum on a bright purple leaf (not sure of the significance, but the color contrast is nice), pull up their pants and run when they hear rustling in the brush. Of course it's only Bruno, spying on yet another tryst.
The twist is that couple (Rafael Lucio and a tattooed stud) is being spied upon by yet one more stud, the stunning Ramon. Ramon jacks his enormous schlong while the two suck cock, and then he very politely gestures that he wants to join them. Of course the dudes say yes (to do otherwise would be rude!), And soon the best three-way of the production begins. Rafael, the youngest of the trio, bottoms for Ramon and the tattooed dude. As Mr. Inked is planting his meat deep inside Rafael's hole, Ramon stands in front of Rafael's face and teasingly strokes his massive cock (that chili pepper tattoo on his hip is not for nothing). At the end, the small of Rafael's back is the receptacle for two big pop-shots.
In a field of very impressive endowments, Gomez Aguilar's stands out for one important aspect: it's the thickest. Gomez entices studpup Hernando Romano to take a shot at downing it, and Hernando does a great job of taking most of it down his throat. Gomez tongue-fucks Hernando's hole to get it ready for a full-on reaming, and again it's impressive how easily Hernando takes all of Gomez's pole. This fuck goes on for quite a while, and it's riveting. They end with a big blast of Gomez's man juice, some of which drips between Hernando's bronzed asscheeks.
In the finale, young stud Antonio Bello feeds his (need I say it, massive) dick to twink-ish Samuel Jacques. Samuel begs Antonio to fuck him, and so of course Antonio obliges, plowing Samuel until he pulls out and delivers a gusher that creams Samuel's smooth chest. Samuel, his cock still hard (and, yes, it's huge) is then apprehended by Bruno, who forces him to suck his dick and then bend over for another fuck. Bruno face-fucks and ass-fucks Samuel with only his fly undone, keeping his guard uniform on throughout (and his billy club swinging at his side). Bruno drenches Samuel's chest, squeezing out the last few drops as he watches Samuel stroke out his jism. Then he orders Samuel to get the hell out of there ("Well, since you've fucked me so nicely.").

Format: avi
Duration: 1:40:30
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1169kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 959.0 MB

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