Kept After School

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 00:46:48
Director: none available
Studio: Nova Films

Description: Detention room leads to a four-way when the teacher falls asleep but he gets it in the end too.

1. Kept After School pt 1
Mike Barnes Org, Jeff Hunter (nv) OgAb, Buddy Hill Og, Hans Mueller (80s) Or
Mike Barnes is pissed to find himself in detention hall again. However, when the teacher falls asleep, Mike gets an opportunity to pursue his favorite sport ... getting it on! Hungry Jeff Hunter is soon chowing down o Mike's thick cock! Hans Mueller ... known to his buddies as super-dick ... can't resist joining in on the action. Neither can sweet-assed Buddy Hill. Before long the whole is a wall-to-wall orgy while the teacher still peacefully sleeps away! Mike gets his first taste of cock from that giant rammer on Hans. Jeff takes it in his ass and down his throat and still wants more! Buddy gets gusher after gusher pumped down his throat!!!
2. Kept After School pt 2
Buddy Hill Ab, Hans Mueller (80s) At, Jeff Hunter (nv) OrAbRr, Mike Barnes At
The red-hot gang bang continues and still the teacher sleeps. By this time the guys are too far into their hot sucking an fucking action to care. Buddy takes Mike's thick tool deep in his tight young ass while Hans is shoving his huge rammer deep in Jeff's willing butt. Buddy moans and pops his load all over himself. Mike shoots his all over buddy. Hans drenches Jeff's ass. Jeff is so hot he is shaking. All three of the guys start to work on that stud ... eating out his ass, sucking both hid cock and his aching nuts. Jeff lets out a hot moan and starts to cut loose his built-up nut load. At that instant their very surprised teacher wakes up!!!
3. Kept After School pt 3: The Teacher Gets His - b1982
Doug Mason OgAbRg, Buddy Hill Mr, Mike Barnes, Jeff Hunter (nv) Rr, Hans Mueller (80s) AtMg
When teacher, Doug Mason, wakes up and finds his detention hour turned into a sex free-for-all, he's shocked. As his bad, bad boys attack and strip him he's furious. However, the boys are too intent to bother with niceties. Spreading their teacher across his desk, superstud Mike and big-dicked Hans go to work on Mr. Mason's ass and mouth. Then Jeff sits on the teacher's face and Hans is free to put his monster cock to work on little Buddy Hill's beautiful, tight ass. Soon everyone's juices are flowing - including a protesting Mr. Mason's - and spurting thick heavy loads.
Still our boys aren't satisfied - especially Hans who wants his taste of teacher's ass. So while the other three hold him down, Hans invades Mr. Mason's resisting ass with his steely giant. Then Hans balls his way deep into the teacher's memories as his three companions indulge in a circle jerk that leaves Mr. Mason's face liberally coated with ropes of pearly semen. The sensual depravity of the situation is not lost on Mr. Mason as he coats the side of his desk with another juicy
Begrimmed and befuddled, Mr. Mason isn't certain what to think in an ending that's especially amusing and apt.

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