MSR - Closed Set: The New Crew (Joe Gage 2002)

Directed by Joe Gage, this remake of the Closed Set is a spectacular work of gay porn erotica.

Michael Brandon enters a Chicago warehouse to find buff, thick-dicked stud Carlos Morales and twinkie Sean Storm jerking their cocks. As the cameraman tapes these three going at it, he, too, drops his pants and gets involved in the action. Soon, other behind-the-scenes men are slowly drawn into the action, and an all-out cocksucking and ass-eating orgy ensues. With every man sucking on anything he can get his mouth on, these men show their hunger!

The second scene finds devilishly handsome Colton Ford gloryhole sucking on three monster cocks belonging to Beau, Nick Piston (who's member is as perfect as they come), and Rick Strong. Passersby Adam Wolfe and Ben Archer can't resist watching. Soon, those two start jerking each other's and their own cocks furiously as they watch. The three men shoot their loads, and Colton's still hungry. He then starts sucking on Ben and Adam. At one point, Ben bends down to enjoy a taste of Adam's cock as well. Adam sucks on Colton's thick prick, and Ben rims out Colton's hole. Adam and Ben end up jerking off their loads to give Colton a facial deluxe.

Next, we're back to the main room, where the orgy has been continuing with more men involved in the action. Zack Davenport has a big fat pecker with a generous foreskin that both Sean and Peter Dixon enjoy. Chad Hunt's cock is easily the largest among this stable of horsehung men. Peter delights in that cock, as any cocksucker would. Well-hung Steve Richards enters the fray as well, offering up his cock for any hungry cocksucker. Zack can't resist taking a taste of Sean's rosebud, and soon he's rimming it feverishly.

The best of all this hot action is the sultry pairing of real-life lovers Blake Harper and Colton. Both men are stunningly handsome with deliciously muscular bodies and large, thick cocks. Their play starts out slowly and builds. They look intensely into each other's eyes and slowly undress. Some gentle nipple play and cock sword-fighting occurs before Colton goes down on Blake's unique asshole. His hole protrudes like the end of an elephant's trunk, and Colton can't quite get his tongue in there deep enough, though he tries! He makes love to that hole with his tongue before pummeling that ass with his dick.

Throughout Blake's and Colton's coupling, we're shown the action of the rest of the orgy, which is just a gaggle of cocks, mouths and asses. The way this action is shown is the way an orgy was meant to be, with cocks and muscular bodies as the stars of the orgy. The men start jerking off their loads one by one, and there ain't a dry cock left in the house.

A spectacular remake of a 20-year-old this second Closed Set joins the ranks of videos that men will be watching 20 years from now. Joe Gage is a master at showcasing raw masculine energy in an orgy setting, and he certainly does not disappoint here.

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