Nova Films - Shore Leave

Director: Scott Masters
Studio: Nova Films
Cast: Andy Fuller, Dan Bradford, Hal Ross, Michael Christopher, Mike Dean, Rick Saxon, Tim Manning, Todd Allen

Sailors on liberty stay at a hotel.

1. Takin' Liberty
Mike Dean, Dan Bradford, Todd Allen
Sailors Mike Dean and Dan Bradford are checked in and checked out by desk clerk Todd Allen
It's NOVA! In the Navy! Five fancy-free young sailors prepare for a wild weekend on the town. Mike and Dan have been planning for big things. They get much more than they bargained for in Todd, the hotel desk clerk. Not only is Todd big... very big... he is just as ready to get it on as those two horny sailors are. Todd quickly checks them in and closes the front desk. Soon they are all three going at it fast and furiously. with hard cocks being shoved in every available hole, before long hot male juices are flying! True, Mike and Dan never get to see much beyond the inside of their hotel room, still it adds up to a day... and two sailors... well spent!
2. Room Service (Nova)
Tim Manning, Rick Saxon
Tim Manning gets room service from Rick Saxon.
Michael and Hal can hardly wait to get going. Leaving Tim in the room by himself, Michael and Hal take off on their own. Unknown to his buddies, Tim has a good reason for staying behind... it's the humpy bellboy, Rick. Tim makes a quick call for a couple of beers. Room service was never like this! Not only does the hot young sailor get his beer, he gets services... service like he's never ever dreamed of before! Rick has exactly what Tim wants and knows how to use it. Tim knows how to make the best of what he's give. It's hard cocks, wet throats and tight asses making fro a long, hot day in the old hotel room!
3. Hard Rockin'
Andy Fuller, Hal Ross
After a concert Hal Russ does some rocking with performer Andy Fuller.
Out on his own, Hal spots a poster announcing the appearance of Andy Fuller, up-and-coming rock star. Hal has had a crush on Andy since his high-school days before he joined the Navy. when the young sailor actually meets Andy in front of the theater, Hal is ready to try anything. Andy invites the sexy-looking stud backstage. They horny rock singer, knowing a good thing when he sees it, plans to take full advantage of the innocent-looking young sailor. As it turns out, Hal is not al that innocent. Backstage, hot looks turn to hot lust. cocks that hard just can't be controlled. They end up going at it right there, barely hidden behind a stage curtain. This pair can't stop until they are completely drained!
4. Six In a Bed
Todd Allen, Tim Manning, Rick Saxon, Michael Christopher, Hal Ross, Andy Fuller
Tim Manning and Rick Saxon are found by Todd Allen and a sailor then are joined by two more for a six-way.
For Michael, his wild weekend has turned out to be a bust. So far he has spent it alone. Determined to change that, he returns to the hotel looking for some action. Seeing the cute desk clerk, the hunky sailor makes a play for the young guy. The front desk is soon closed again. When Michael and Todd get to the room, they find Tim and Rick still going at it! The two hot studs are only too happy to join in on the action. At the height of the wild sex the door opens and there stands Hal and Andy. The sailor has brought the singer back to show him off but seeing the hot sex going on in front of them, they rip off their clothes and jump right in the middle of those lust-filled bodies. It quickly becomes a hot six-way of fucking, sucking, rimming and cum-drenched flesh.

Duration : 01:00:55
Resolution : 720x480
Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 1 150 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 617.8 MB

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