Nudes at 11 (2000)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cock, Uncut Cocks
Starring: Stonie, Paul Morgan, Nick Madison, Eli Starr, David Byrd, Billy Ayall, Drew Andrews, Chris Dano
Studio: Around the Block Productions

It?s Stonie! Again! Oh and look who has been dragged out again: it is Mr. Chris Dano. Remember him? Of course you do, if you were anywhere near gay porn in the late eighties and early nineties.
Perennial geyser Paul Morgan plays "Stoner Phillips," a news reporter doing some sort of an expose on street kids/runaways/hustlers. You know the drill: Someone puts on a story with a lot of dialogue (for porn) and wraps it around some sex scenes. How inventive.
Morgan first interviews Ayall, a femme little treat replete with pimples who tries to pull off the hip-hop garb. Ayall explains how he turned his first trick with beefy, hairy, Andrews.
Andrews is kinda cool, the guy who might be play a mob boss in a made-for-cable movie. Andrews has a nice big cock and Ayall is pretty good at swallowing all of it. In fact, much of their scene is Ayall sucking Andrews? dick.
Eventually Andrews strips his boy toy down and sucks on his dick, opening up the boy?s pink hole with his tongue, and then eating that boy hole like he is a pig sniffing out a truffle. Dirty talk and fingering follow. Andrews gets a little aggressive here, making us imagine how much of a pig daddy top he could be if given the chance. Ayall?s sweet hole is stretched to the limit by Andrews? long, thick tube of a cock. They fuck all over the room, switching easily from one position to the next. At the end both guys squirt ample loads.
The next scene features Stonie and Dano. It must be said that Dano?s body looks better than it has in quite sometime. However, his hair is dyed some pinkish color and pulled back in a samurai style. His dick though, looks just as inviting as ever. Stonie - who should be considered the prototype for the brunette twink - is as cute and as enthusiastic as ever. The scene begins with Stonie gorging himself on Dano?s piece. Predictably, Dano fucks his young protege. Dano is strictly trade here, never once sampling Stonie?s cock or delicious looking bunghole. If only he had paired Stonie with Andrews, director Fogg might have caught lightning in a bottle.
The next scene is quite interesting. Morgan begins interviewing Eli Starr. who is interesting, to say the least. He has an ethnic look, shaved head, and pierced labret. Starr?s speech is almost indecipherable. Maybe the facial jewelry was new when this flick was shot. He tells of finding a trick in an elevator. The trick is cute twinkie Nick Madison. Madison has an innocent face, bleached hair, and a thin lanky body. He is smooth with the exception of a giant black bush that surrounds his big uncut man dick and a set of hairy legs.
In the elevator Starr laps at and worships Madison?s tool. Starr seems to enjoying sucking that big pole, but then, who wouldn?t? They switch gears for a bit and Madison works on Starr?s dick before the inevitable fuck. Starr bends over and leans on the railing offering up an ass with a wonderfully hairy crack. These two boys really seem to enjoy one another, which definitely comes across through the screen. Throughout the fuck Starr moans about "that cock." Both guys shoot thick ropes of cum, with Madison?s sailing clear across the elevator.
The last scene, featuring Morgan fucking a hustler played by David Byrd, is the weakest link in the film. Byrd, to be kind, probably doesn?t belong in a porn flick. Does the term dead fish mean anything? Fogg should have foregone this mess and maybe given us the pairing of Stonie and Andrews. Oh well. Enjoy!..

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