Pleasure Point

Year: 1975
Country: United States
Genre: Short, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 00:28:02
Directed by: non available
Studio: Falcon Studios
Starring: Joe Markum, Chris Christy, Tim Christy

Starts off at Pleasure Point beach, Santa Cruz, CA. then moving to a house for sex.Market Reports Newsletter: Setting: Santa Cruz, California - Pleasure Point surfing beach: chalet home or apartment, used-brick fireplace, paneled walls, deep pile decorative rugs.
Performer 1: age late 20s, early 30s, Caucasian, hair black med., Curly, styled, body good average moderately hairy, mustache
Performer 2: age late teens, Caucasian, hair lt. brown med. lgth. shag, body well prop. youth very clean, smooth
Performer 3: age late teens, Caucasian, hair lt. brown med. lgth. shag, body well. prop. youth very clean, smooth
Action Sequence: opens on the genuine "Pleasure Point" sign at Santa Cruz, cuts to Joe Markum applying lotion to himself as he sits on a rocky shelf at the base of the cliff, looking out at the surfers. Camera picks up two in full wet suits, paddling in to the beach. They come up to the rock, speak to Joe, and he waves them up on his rock. They talk some, then Joe plays footsie with one of them. Camera picks up some long haired blonde local surfers passing on the beach. All three of the guys on the rock then hike up the trail to the tops of the cliff, mount the boards on top of the twins wagon, peel out of the wet suits, and take off in Joes car. In a very handsome room in front of a fireplace, the twins are served coffee. Then Joe plays with a nearby leg, rubbing his crotch through his swim suit. The twin responds by doing the same, then diving on Joes cock and sucking it after pulling down the trunks. Joe works the twins trunks down and plays with his butt arid crotch. The other twin watches and masturbates. Joe sucks the one he has started with. [Both twins have very rigid, springy cocks with the youthful "erector ligament" still functioning well]. The second twin now plays with Joes ass and pulls on his cock as Joe sucks his twin. The sequence gets very complicated because of the nature of the twins. Joe alternates screwing them both in several positions, at length, and ends up cuming in his face. Special Collection Notes: twins, plotted build up to action sequence, exceptional bodies on the twins, and a surprisingly sensitive performance by Joe. Rating: all technical aspects of this film are exceptional. The models perform very well to excellent direction. Some may feel Markum is over-featured, but it is clearly exceptional film. Because of the complexity of the action with two models who cant be distinguished one from the other, the reader is referred to the excellent pictorial sequence in the sales brochure for an accurate plot sequence.

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