Satyr Films - Cum Filled Manholes 1

Release Year: 2007
Studio: Satyr Films
Cast: Mark, Rock Bottom, Antonio, T.J., Erin
Genres: Bareback Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Cum Eating, Dildos/Toys, Double Penetration, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut Cocks

"Mark is a hot straight French man that wanted to try and learn more about his hole. Who else would he contact but the Satyr team to make his dream come true? This cum bucket was truly amazing. After a couple of minutes it opened up for us and so of course, we went to work. He confessed to us that now he actually prefers a real cock instead of a dildo. This straight dude?s manhole got so wide, I really wanted to play quarters off his bubble butt and right into that sweet cave! Thanks Mark, for being our European fuck buddy. Next time we?ll try three dildos!

Rock has gotten so spoiled with all the money we give him. He needs to work extra hard to keep up his luxurious lifestyle. His girlfriend wants to quit her job since her man brings home so much dough. So now Rock's manhole has to keep on paying the bills. Rock put his tight fuck hole on the line against our nine inch monster cock! He screams in genuine agony as his super tight hole is stretched like it's never been stretched before. We ravaged his ass to the point of exhaustion, stuffing it with anything and everything we could find. At the end of it Rock got a huge, creamy load up his ass. Afterwards Rock told us his hole was twitching from the nine inch cock and three inch anal balls that got to see the inside of his hot manhole. He said, "My hole is officially closed for repairs." The best part about the cumshot was Rock?s hole sucking up the cum drenched anal ball!

Antonio got his tight ass filled with some superb man meat. He told us that he was one of the toughest supervisors in his government job. His men would shake in their boots when he was around. So, we decided to put his hard ass hole to the test to see if it could keep up with Satyr demands. For a tough guy he sure screams a lot. I'm sure all of his subordinates would love to see him now. I guess that guys that whip ass in their real life really want to get their holes used and abused. Antonio you're welcome! The intensity in this scene is amazing as our Satyr cock's lack of respect for this manhole puts this one-on-one among our favorites. We fill this hard ass manhole with some diesel cock juice!

This young stud with the massive cock was so tired of always doing all the work with his girlfriend, that he asked us to change that. TJ never before got to experience the true pleasures of his manhole. This tight virgin ass didn't know what was cumming. We actually gave this guy a codeword to say when things got too rough. He used it like a hundred times. Even though we ignored it about ninety five times. TJ was a true champ and struggled his way to the finish line. His trophy was a huge load up his innocent, raw manhole! You are a true Satyr man TJ, your hole will time!

Erin is one hot piece of Straight ass. This Stud got his manhole so stretched that we had him crying and begging for mercy. My favorite Erin quote out of this scene is when Erin yells, "Take it out, take it out!" He's talking about the three inch wide, twelve inch long dildo rippin' open his hole. He gets plowed so hard that his manhole refuses to close, leaving him helpless on his stomach or back. The only thing this guy can do is scream and moan. Erin does win the award for taking the biggest dildo. Our Satyr man drills his sweet hole with a huge, fist size destroyer. This scene was so hot and intense, even I felt a little uncomfortable...but then I busted a nut all over my keyboard. What can I say that his gaping hole isn't saying already? What a beautiful hole."

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 2:12:12
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 464.8 MB

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