Scouts (1981)

Year: 1981
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, Twinks, Oral, Anal, Older, Young
Duration: 01:27:11
Director: Cadinot
Studio: French Art
Cast: Jean-Paul Deval, Claude Varga, Ange Dominique, Diego Quinto, Jacques de Rives, Medhi Araya, David Roch, Tony Weber

"This film from legendary French director Jean-Daniel Cadinot features 10 hung, toned, incredibly handsome models in 10 titillating sex scenes. Filmed in English, the story features two young travelers: Youri Sakarine (with an incredible face and body, who arrives from Russia en route to the French Riviera) and Guilhem Thomas, an exciting French lad with a big dick and sensuous butt, who has been discharged from the Army and is headed in the same direction. Both take to the street, thumbing their way South. Youri is soon picked up by Claude Menard who quickly gets his hands into Youri?s pants, detouring him to his apartment for a closer look. There they enjoy an oral suckfest that climaxes with their cum, until a telephone call sends Claude hurrying to work.

Meanwhile, Guilhem is resting in a roadside park when plainclothes policeman Antoine Mory comes by to inspect him - or rather, expose young Guilhem to one of the biggest dicks he has ever seen. An incredible 9" when soft, in no time Guilhem brings it to attention and has all 11 hard inches of it thrust into his butt. He screams in pain and joy as Antoine "inspects" him thoroughly, shooting his load as Antoine?s thrusts continue. Antoine withdraws and adds his cum to Guilhem?s - the inspection is over. After leaving Claude, Youri wanders into an adult video store and encounters Mathias Torello, who is more than willing to sink his 9" staff into Youri?s beautiful, willing and quite fuckable butt.

Antoine enters an abandoned warehouse where he encounters the incredible sex-pot Rodolphe Vernier (also seen in Cadinot?s Insatiable). Rodolphe has taken refuge in the building and Antoine wants to see his authorization. However, it takes only one look at Rodolphe?s butt as he bends over for his papers to get Antoine?s juices flowing. He just has to have it. Soon Rodolphe is enjoying Antoine?s 11" tool in one of the video's hottest scenes. Not long after, Guilhem seeks shelter in the same building and happens upon Rodolphe. Strong passion erupts between the two and Rodolphe bends Guilhem over for a hard pounding with his own 9" pole. Back to Youri, who again meets Claude (whose car has broken down in, of all places, the front of the warehouse). He quickly convinces Claude to go with him into the building to complete their first tryst. There they find Guilhem, fresh from his ass-pounding by Rodolphe, and soon the three are engaged in a sucking and pounding of their own, with both Youri and Claude alternately in the middle of the sandwich.

Meanwhile, Antoine is back on the highway looking for trouble. He finds a truck being driven erratically by the one of the cutest models in the video, Jonathan Prevost. To avoid a ticket, Jonathan offers his young, lithe body, which quickly stirs Antoine?s loins. He has Jonathan suck his engorged 11 incher and eat his sweaty ass. He then proceeds to skewer the young traveler, giving that white creamy virgin ass a fuck he will never forget!

After leaving the warehouse, Youri and Guilhem again hit the road together and soon walk by a gardener, Vincent Garnier. The gardener invites them in, and a three-way of oral and anal abandon ensues. Back on the road, the two argue and split up, each in hope of catching a ride faster than the other. Guilhem is quickly snatched by a young tourist, Patrick (Karl Forst), and the two pass Youri on their way to Patrick's rented mountain retreat.

See for yourself in this new hit from the master director."

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