Director: T.J. Paris
Starring: Michael Grant, Rick Lee, Miguel Lopez (a.k.a. Mike Lamas, Mike Llamas, Mike Chavez), Tanner Reeves, Ray Sexton (a.k.a. Rey Sexton), Alex Wild, Matt Windsor, Chris Yager (a.k.a. Chris Yeager)
Studio: Bacchus Releasing

Rad Video Review by Frank Lee

It seems the last site manager of the apartment complex had an exhibitionist streak and was fired by the \"straight\" property manager for too many indiscretions in front of and with the tenants, so Tanner Reeves is hired to take his place. Reeves assures his new boss that exhibitionism is not his thing and that he is very straight himself, even has a girlfriend. Oh, yeah! And he also has a bridge he can sell him. What Reeves doesn\'t know until later is that his boss has hired a string of supposedly straight underlings to maintain decorum among the tenants and has managed to catch each one in a compromising position and use that to get his way with them. But before he is caught in the trap, Reeves gets to enjoy some hot scenes among the horny tenants.

My favorite is the second. Alex Wild walks to the pool with a towel covering his bathing suit, and as he passes the gardener, Latin Adonis Miguel Lopez, asks where the manager is. Lopez says he hasn\'t seen him, and Wild takes that as a go-ahead for his own bit of exhibitionism on the pool deck. He lies on a lounge, removes the towel, and lathers himself with suntan lotion. After an indecent interval of erotically suggestive hand movements over his tanned, buffed body, he strips off the suit, looks over to Lopez who\'s been drinking it all in longingly, and beckons him to his side. What follows is a sizzling sexual encounter that will make you squirm with lust.

They talk dirty in Spanish, interspersed by just enough hardcore English to carry you along if your Spanish is rusty. Think of what Ricky Martin might be moaning while getting a post-concert blowjob. See what I mean? Who needs a translation? Lopez makes fiery love to his partner, licking and sucking his cock to keep it stiff and throbbing, opening up his hole with one finger then two, and lying back on the lounge so Wild can sit on his stiff boner and bounce his handsome butt up and down. Then Wild lies back on the lounge, legs high in the air, to receive a hard-driving fuck that makes him shoot a series of massive streams up his chest while Lopez is still inside him. Lopez withdraws and spills a huge load all over Wild\'s crotch.

Next, the two supposedly straight managers have their tryst, another hot-as-embers scene. For two straights, they sure look like they enjoy fucking, sucking and getting plowed. After reaming him a new asshole, Reeves fires off a stream that reaches his boss\'s pecs.

In the last vignette, when a cute, blond tenant complains to Chris Yager (a.k.a. Yeager), the maintenance man, that his shower is clogged, Yager invites him to shower in his apartment. The bathroom guest turns out to be an insatiable bottom. He begs Yager to fuck him, and while getting his wish fulfilled, produces an amazing stream of jizz, which is almost equaled by the thick load that Yager drops on his newfound \"fuck mate.\" Ah, yes, there is nothing like an apartment house populated by horny exhibitionists ready to drop trou at the sight of an onlooker.

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Duration : 01:26:49
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