Spunk'd: The Complete First Load (2005)

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Starring: N/A
Starring Non-Sexual: James St. James
Studio: Mondo Homo

Brad Benton "hosts" Spunk'd: The Complete First Load, a hysterically funny, occasionally utterly pornishly filthy send-up of Ashton Kutcher's MTV staple Punk'd. Load it!
Barely straddling the line between gag-filled hilarity and gag-inducing pornography, the hysterical, hip, and hopelessly irreverent Spunk'd: The Complete First Load is about as welcome as dick breath: it's got a raunchy aftertaste, but you savor it anyway. Hot porn star Brad Benton (as "host" Asshole Fucker) takes viewers on a journey spoofing MTV's "Punk'd." He's truly funny and you'll see how he became such a star in two short years.
The highlight of the film is certainly "Alphabet Poop," in which 26 different items are shoved up a man's welcoming cornhole. A few examples: Air Freshener, Boomerang, Dog Bone (condom-covered and lubed), Lava Lamp (plugged in), and our favorite, Iraqi Dictator (you'll have to see the film to see how it's done). You'll thrill (?) to the messiness of "Cock Rocks," while the craptastic "Mondo Homo All-Stars" features a pathetic crew of wildly inept amateur stripper audition spots that have to be seen to be believed.
For lovers of uncut shlongers, there are heavy-duty foreskin games involving marble insertion (nineteen of them altogether) and bananas. For aspiring chefs Spunk'd offers "Kitchen Concocktion" recipes centered around the male member. There's even an outdoor naked Twister® frolic.
It gets more extreme as it goes along: A young lad the filmmakers refer to as "The Miracle Worker" (his eyes roll back in his head as he dildoes and briefly self-fists himself, giving him a "dreamy" Helen Keller look); toothless hustlers playing with their jigs in a back alley; Party Monster's James St. James brings back fond memories of his Michael Alig/Disco 2000 Manhattan clubber days by guzzling a Peetini (one guess as to its contents); a super-chubby older gent has a penchant for being painted as a cow and milked, as well as dressing up like Santa and doing a freaky striptease; and we get a glimpse of a young straight man who apparently can only get off by shoving a banana up his ass while dressed in a bra, panties and a monkey mask. ("Charmed.")
There are some hardcore scenes tossed in as well, including vintage self-sucking footage (complete with a creamy self-facial), an oral threeway with blurred faces (purported to be a B or C-level Hollywood actor) that ends in a semi-oral cum scarf, a circle-jerk "golf" tournament, the aforementioned "Miracle Worker" (did I mention that he folds himself in half while cramming in a dildo and his own fist?), a double penetration in which auto-suck boy simultaneously plinks his pink with a black dildo and his own cock a la Al Parker, and the super-cute punk "Buttmachine Boy," whose self-fucking electrical contraptions are both eyebrow-raising and undeniably inventive.
With a running time of just under an hour (the deleted scenes run an additional 15 minutes or so) it's a breezy ride. Naturally, some of the gags are flat out stupid (the "baking" scene is pretty worthless) and some are just plain nauseating and were obviously done simply for the sake of being gross (the mask-wearing "pig man" who is forced to eat regurgitated food while oinking away). But Benton keeps things moving along nicely, and St. James' self-mocking audio commentary is flat-out piss yourself funny. (His "Auschwitz boy" barb regarding one of the would-be-stripper auditions is both beyond un-PC and utterly hilarious.) The soundtrack by Gay Pimp and Dirty Sanchez works well, and future in this series could prove to be quite fun. A bit more polish on the production side wouldn't hurt, though.
Describing these treats in any greater detail would ruin it for you. If you love sexy, stoopid and often appallingly mind-numbing fun, don't miss Spunk'd: The Complete First Load. Enjoy!..

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