Steal The Night

Year: 2000
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Toys, Group, Fisting
Length: 1:28:49
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: Jocks
Cast: Matt Skyler, Nino Bacci, Joey Hart, Marco Antonio, Doug Jeffries, Lee Driver, Patrick Allen, Dale Summer

Description: A staple theme in gay porn is someone caught stealing something they shouldn't be, and being made to pay for it sexually. While other themes in gay porn, such as sex in the lockerroom, fooling around between friends that gets of out hand, or two guys meeting for an anonymous quickie often happen, a thief being made sexually submissive to the person who caught him rarely, if ever, occurs. But, gay porn is the stuff of fantasy, and this video shows submissive bottomboy Matt Skyler being made to pay for his deeds. If only I had Matt's punishment!
Newcummer Matt is a hotel groundsboy who, while sneaking around one night, comes upon two guests, Patrick Allen and Lee Driver, in the throes of passion on the lawn. Voyeur Matt spies on them from behind the bushes while stroking his own meat. Our lovers start with exchanging blowjobs. Both men sport the bodies and dicks you expect in a Jocks video, that is, both men are smooth, well defined, and well hung, and hard as a rock. Granted, these men aren't outrageously hung like some of the men in the recent videos from Falcon, but their endowments are generous by any measure, and their cocks do make a substantial mouthful. Getting back to the sex, Patrick presents his lovely smooth butthole to Lee, and Lee mounts the pucker like a dog in heat, and Patrick's grunts and groans (along with his hard-on) let us know he's enjoying it. There are some more wonderful penetration shots as Lee pistons in and out of Patrick's hole missionary. Patrick shoots a loud but decent load as he's getting fucked, and Lee's beautiful dick shoots onto (of all places) Patrick's left thigh. Go figure. Anyway, once the guys have left, voyeur Matt, who never got undressed as he gently pleasured himself, picks up the used rubber. There appears to be some cum in the rubber, even though we all know that the loads were spilled outside the rubber.
In the second scene, Nino Bacci and Joey Hart passionately swap some spit on the couch while in their tightie whities. The underwear slowly comes off and the oral fun soon begins. Especially pleasurable to watch is the foreskin fun that Joey has with Nino's uncut monster. When Joey's underwear comes off, he's as hard as a rock, and he presents his ass to Nino, who chows down on a feast of butthole. There are some awesome shots of Joey getting rimmed and fingered as Joey continues to suck on Nino. Joey also tastes some of Nino's hole in some more great rimming. Joey's ass is soon in the air as Nino puts his hard pecker inside Joey, and Joey's moans let us know he's thoroughly enjoying the fuck. The fact that Joey maintains a hard-on is nice too. Seriously, when they switch positions and Joey takes a set onto Nino's dick, Joey's own dick is pointing straight into the air at the ceiling! What a bottom! And what a pleasurable sight to have the top grab hold of the bottom's dick and jack it off. Joey jerks off while he's getting fucked, and then Nino spills his own load onto Joey's chest, and even takes some tentative licks of his own cum.
Houseboy Matt makes the mistake of sneaking into big bad Doug Jeffries' room to steal some more items for his sex collection. Nasty Doug makes Matt pay for the stealing he was going to do. The punishment? Getting to suck on Doug's meaty dick and sweaty hole. Doug's dirty mouth doesn't stop throughout the fantastic rimjob Matt delivers. Adding to Doug's nastiness, he continually spits into Matt's face. Before Doug plows Matt's tight bottom, there's extensive fingering and spit lubing of Matt's hole by both Doug and Matt himself, sometimes at the same time. Man, I wish I could receive Matt's punishment! Doug's beefy body is a sight to behold as he pounds Matt, first missionary then while bent over the couch. Yum! Before the men cum, however, Matt needs something bigger than Doug's cock in his ass. Yes, boys, Matt and Doug get into some fisting action, with Matt comfortably accommodating Doug's entire fist in his chute. Doug takes it nice and slow, seeming to enjoy the fisting as much as his bottom. Both men jerk off their loads while lying back on the bed, with some of Doug's cum landing on Matt's chin.
In the final scene, Matt goes to the hotel gym to play with his collection of sex toys, including the used condom from the first scene, someone's underwear, and a HUGE dildo, bigger than a grown man's arm. Matt fingers his deliciously pink butthole by pulling aside his shorts, and then when he's ready for the dildo, he removes his shorts completely. Matt lubes up the dildo and takes a seat on it, and then alternates it between his asshole and his mouth. Matt replaces this large dildo with an even larger one and gives us quite a show. Hunky men Marco Antonio, Dale Summer and Nino Bacci, looking for their missing items, come and find Matt with a dildo up his ass. Confident that they've got their man, Matt's punishment will be sexual ecstasy. What follows is a group scene of sexual abandon and lust. This is a group scene that works! There is a significant amount of cocksucking and rimming, and of course there's fucking. Highlights include the sight of Dale's impressive cock and large low-hangers as he's orally pleasured by Matt, Nino intensely rimming Marco's hairy asshole and then Dale continuing the rimjob as Nino gets underneath to blow Marco. Marco's fuck of Dale is wonderful to watch, as Dale's large hard cock flops around with each thrust and bounce. Matt gets plowed by both Marco and Nino (not at the same time, unfortunately), and the scene ends in a copious shower of white cum from all three men onto Matt's face, hair, and torso. Marco's cumshot is most impressive, shooting and spraying several feet into the air.
Whew! What a scene! It certainly makes up for the other average scenes in this video. The men are definitely hot, generally smooth, muscular, good-looking and all with achingly hard cocks. As you would expect from Jocks, production values are top notch. The typical Falcon-type music plays in the background, but the men's moans, grunts, and howls of ecstasy are audible. At over 30 minutes in length, the last scene is certainly the cream of this video, but all the other scenes also have something going for them. All in all, a worthy addition to your collection, if you enjoy the typical Jocks' videos.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:28:50
Video: 528x400, XviD, 1276kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 896.4 MB

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