Straight Bodybuilders Do! (Blue Blake / Big Blue Productions)

Release Year: 2002
Studio: Big Blue Productions
Cast: Rico Dulce, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan, Duke Miller, Sergei Moscow, Rhett O'Hara, Brad Rock
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Muscles, Solo, Masturbazion, Dildo

There are six scenes in "Straight Bodybuilders Do," a romp through what I can only surmise is an estate somewhere in the Hollywood Hills -- four couplings and two solo scenes.
In the first scene, sitting in big leather Barcaloungers, Jeremy Jordan and Rico Dulce, the humpy Latin cover model, watch each other jack off. Jeremy then ups the ante by shoving a gigantic dildo up his chute, before Rico eventually comes over to help him shove it in and out (with the aid of FriXion lube, thank you very much). To thank Rico for his help, Jeremy gives him a blowjob as well as a rimjob (Jeremy licks and gnaws at the big buns and shiny hole with aplomb). Rico then fucks Jeremy doggy and missionary, before both squirt out their loads.
The next scene stars Sergio Moscow, a stunning dirty-blond Russian specimen with huge pecs, perky nipples and a long uncut schlong. He poses and flexes poolside before ultimately jacking and shooting his load while reclining on a chaise lounge I'd love to have by my pool (and Sergio, too).
Jason Hawke and Rhett O'Hara team up to trade blows and rims (Rhett is a very good cocksucker and ass-licker, almost as expert as Jason). Rhett is a street-tough type with a variety of prison tats on his torso, as well as a big thick cock. Oddly, though, his roughness is challenged by the blond streaks in his hair. Anyway, after the oral work, Rhett doggy- and sit-fucks Jason forcefully atop the biggest cocktail table I've ever seen. Nice debut from Rhett, and handsome Jason always carries his weight.
Big bad Brad Rock opens the next scene with a little fancy footwork and shadow boxing in a lush garden. He looks like a real boxer with his sturdy frame and muscular thighs bopping about. Brad is a lily-white brunet fellow who has one of those faces that immediately conveys that he takes no shit -- from anyone. He eventually plops down on a bench and jerks his huge cock off (easily the biggest load and cock in the flick).
A slimmed down Duke Miller (with streaked hair and a deep tan) gets busy with Rhett O'Hara (the tattooed fellow from scene three). They trade blows and then Rhett rims and fucks Duke on a wood table. Rhett zips out a big load that streams up and across his chest and Duke yanks out a nice one as well. Rhett is quite the good rimmer-slash-fucker, from the look of utter satisfaction on Duke's face.
The big finale brings back Rico Dulce and Jason Hawke for a workout and muscle worship session in a gym. Jason does a good job of being the awestruck worshipper, feeling and rubbing Rico's big pecs and biceps with glee. They then kiss and grope each other's bodies (Rico squeezing Jason's buns with his big hands like they're loaves of Wonder bread). Jason then plops down to taste Rico's big black cock before taking a missionary- and doggy-fuck on the weight bench.
"Straight Bodybuilders Do" is an interesting video as it combines very muscular men with a variety of other body types. Rico Dulce, for example, is paired up with post-twinks Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke, while beefy Duke Miller gets it on with slim-but-muscular Rhett O'Hara. The end result is successful, albeit a departure from Blake's pumped-up "Crash of the Titans." "Straight Bodybuilders Do" leaves no doubt about what straight bodybuilders will do for director Blue Blake -- just about anything (but don't tell their girlfriends).

Format: avi
Duration: 1:39:46
Video: 544x384, DivX 5, 865kbps
Audio: 78kbps

File size: 693.9 MB

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