Strokes To Seduction

Year: 2001
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: oral, anal, group sex
Length: 01:23:56
Directed by: Jan Novak
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: Move over "Bel Ami", Studio 2000 International is a production company to be reckoned with! If you're a fan of the Euro twin genre, I can't even begin to tell you how hot "Strokes to Seduction" is! I mean, look at the cover alone! This film has some of the hottest Czech boys I've seen in ages and this is one of my favorites so far this year! The quality is exceptional with regards to the video and sound, and the DVD also features cast bios and a short blooper/outtake reel along with the standard chapter search and gallery.

The film revolves around the absolute adorable, blonde hair, blue eyed, Ladislav Pekar, who arrives to live at a cottage just filled with hunky tenants. I'm not sure if that's his real name, but it suits him well once you see him butt naked that's for sure! With a winning smile, a body to die for and a great cock, he's one hell of a performer! Anyway, after he arrives, he is off to the countryside to do some landscape painting.

Meanwhile, Alan Anthony and Michal Vlk are camping and after they pitch their tent (in more ways then one), they are taking turns sucking on each other's big, erect cocks. After lapping up each other's dicks, they proceed with some 69 action before taking turns jerking off. Alan covers Michal in a sea of cum and it's quite hot!

In-between scenes, we see Ladislav continuing his painting. Alan stays by the camp, and I'm not sure what happened to Michal, but the next thing you know David Merkl comes by and asks Alan if he's horny and wants to suck his cock. Well it doesn't take any arm twisting and Alan is down on David in a hearbeat. They both jerk off and then Alan proceeds to fuck David doggie style, lying on his stomach and later on his back. There are great penetration shots here and throughout the film. Alan shoots a huge load again and David follows with his own!

Riky Mark and Jens Damm are doing some farm work when they take a break and decide to service each other. Riky's got boyish looks, but a nice, tight muscular body. They take turns going down on one another and then Riky gets his nice, tight ass fucked. As Jens is fucking away, Ladislav appears and quickly gets into the action. A great three-way ensues and it's especially hot as Riky and Jens work over Ladislav's big cock. Ladislav and Riky shoot some mean loads all over Jens!

When Bruno Jorgov and Josef Sladek can't get the tractor started, they decide to rev each other's engines! They work each other all over the tractor, both sucking and jerking off, and then the scene ends with Josef fucking Bruno and vice versa.

Finally, as Ladislave rests on his bed, Boris Tomek arrives to collect the rent, but takes it out in trade. He goes right down on Ladislav as he lies there in ecstasy. Boris is nicely built and takes it up the ass. Ladislave sprays across his chest, then fucks Boris while they are lying on their sides. More cum is spewed all over the place. A romantic kiss ends the scene, right before Ladislav realizes he was imagining it.

This production was fucking hot! All the guys are adorable, with lean, tight gymnast-type bodies and cocks to die for! Ladislav is especially cute, well-hung and can shoot a mean load! The video and sound are great and the DVD also features some bloopers and cast bios. Highly recommended for those who like hot, Euro boys! "Strokes to Seduction" is on my "Top 10" list!

File size: 837.2 MB

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