Studio 2000 - The Big Shot

The Big Shot is a love story filled with romance, a sex epic packed with hard action, hot bodies, throbbing dicks, pulsating assholes, and lots of sticky juice to bind the whole thing together.

Model Clay Maverick and photographer Michael Crawford are two guys in their mid-twenties who come together again, having been friends in high school. The intervening years have changed and matured both - Clay from an ugly duckling and nerd to a stunning and very self-possessed young man, and Michael from a self-centered user to a sensitive and over-cautious man afraid of his own feelings and emotions. But it seems that the more they have changed, the more they remain the same. Maybe first love isn't just for puppies. Maybe it can be the real thing.

After a tough afternoon in front of the lights, Clay returns home to his current boyfriend, Gregg Arlen. Looking at Clay who is looking at Gregg - who is certainly looking back - Clay has time between work and college for a long personal moment. They find time for a little sexercise. And these two fit so well together you'll be thrilled, impressed and deeply satisfied - but not surprised - when Gregg has a spontaneous and copious climax from his big thick cock while Clay is plowing his hungry hole.

Michael visits some old high school buddies - Dino DiMarco, Wade Peters and Tony West - and shows them photos of the new Clay. They are mightily impressed with the hot stud that emerged from the nerdy cocoon. But after Michael and the photos leave they decide that two in the hand is a lot better than one on paper as they get down in a threeway that is a rarity in our genre - three guys who really get into each other equally and without reservations. What a wonderful time they have together.

Clay returns from school one day and finds Gregg having it on with a stranger. Again. He blames himself feeling that he doesn't give Gregg enough time. But he is crushed and the hurt is deep. He leaves and drops by Michael's to look at the results of the photoshoot. He shares his pain with Michael, and Michael shares with Clay the story of his failed marriage and of his coming out with a baseball player he met while working.

As Michael talks we flash back to that - Michael and Tony - two men discovering each other physically, sexually and emotionally in a scene that moves from tender and tentative to passionate and demanding. Their sex - hot, intense and committed - is memorable and includes a docking scene that may well be the best of its kind. But it was only to be a season of love as Tony was traded to a team back East and their love couldn't go the distance. Michael still shoots the games but he stays out of the locker rooms.

Michael invites Clay to join him at a game and as they are about to leave, they make a date for the next day to test Michael's new camera. The camera is tested and both men go beyond the limits that they have set for themselves. For love allows no limits. This they discover during a scene of mutual commitment, taking each other to new levels of pleasure and awesome lust - and to The Big Shot. -- From the press notes, courtesy of Studio 2000.

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