SuperCharge (2001)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Muscle Men, Big Balls, Big Cock, Deep Throating, Uncut Cocks, Black, Interracial, Humor, Outdoor Sex, Piercing, Tattoo, Threesomes, Theme: Fantasy/Ghosts/Sci-Fi/Surreal, Theme: Romance
Starring: D.C. Chandler, Jason Hawke, Jake Hart, Jeremy Jordan, Nino Bacci, Rick Mathews, Ryan Scott, Daniel West, Christian Owen
Studio: Studio 2000

A little birdie tells me Bobby Dazzler is the pseudonym of a certain English porno-director. I won?t name names, but if you are a fan, you?ll recognize his camera style, mad set design, "magical" elements and convoluted atrocious dialogue, for which I?m punishing him with the deduction of half a star. I guess after he made The Fluffer his original moniker is being used to go all Hollywood on us. Whoops. Guess I just gave the game away.
The always-fabulous Chandler (who seems contractually obliged to start all his movies with a shower scene - does he smell like raw fish or something?) finds a jar of hair gel labeled ?Telepathy? in the back of his bathroom cabinet. (We?ve all been on Kmart toiletries binges when we?ve been out on a bender.) Before you can say "the lawyers from What Women Want are on the phone" he?s reading the minds of every man he sees. Including hunky traffic-warden Mathews. (Whose angst-ridden "I should have been a writer" thoughts had me screaming "Just take the fucking ticket already!") Once these two have stripped off however, electricity hit and I was soon drooling all over my shirt. When Mathews thinks, ?I want him to fuck me on my hands and knees? Chandler is only too happy to oblige, sending both Mathews and us into orgasmo-overdrive!
Seeing as Chandler?s a sweet guy he uses his powers to fix up nice roommate Hart with secret-crush Jordan (witness Jordan?s love poetry, actually the rap from Kylie Minogue?s ?Shocked? - it?ll sail over most American heads but Ozzies and Brits will be cringing). It?s true love as Jordan gets fucked on the kitchen floor, then the worktops. (If this was my place I?d make the two lovebirds spend the rest of the day disinfecting my surfaces!)
The more he uses the gel the stronger his mental powers get. He can now see fantasies too: Bacci fucking West in what looks like a room at the local Fun House (you?ll have to get through some truly terrible philosophical dialogue first, to quote ?The Simpsons?: ?aren?t these just meaningless buzzwords stupid people use in order to make themselves sound intelligent??) McCartney and Jackson are at least proved right: ebony and ivory can live together in perfect harmony.
Uh-oh. Here?s trouble. Nasty roommate Hawke stumbles across the hairgel too, seducing Emily Dickinson poetry-spouting (not her most memorable, if it?s her at all - ditzy ?half unconscious queen?!) Owen. Suddenly vengeful boyfriend Scott storms in on their ardor, but looks like ?Telepathy For Men? also has Jedi Mind control powers, and Hawke wills him to join in the fun. Wowsers, these are the droids I?m looking for! The trio gets down to some real ball-bursting seriousness with Hawke the meat in this boyfriend sandwich.
The final showdown between good and evil has Chandler versus Hawke in a Scanners-style battle of wits (minus the exploding heads). The domineering Hawke makes our hero suck his toes, then his German bratwurst before Chandler turns the tables with his Deanna Troi counseling skills and has Hawke putting his tongue stud to good use. These two uncut guys have a great scene and you?ll empathetically share Hawke?s pleasure as he?s banged sixth-senseless by the adorable Chandler. Hit the mute because the dialogue is sooo contrived: ?I?m inside you. Where does one begin and one end?? in a whispered voices straight from Calvin Klein advert central casting.
I?m only glad this is a story, I?d hate for someone to read my mind during sex: "Oh my God, I?m going soft. I?m getting bored. Don?t put your fingers there. Ow, cut your nails you moron. Whatever happened to that guy in 2001?" Studio 2000's SuperCharge is another winner, with lots of faces you?ll recognize, some you won?t, but all you?ll want to sit down on! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:24:50
Resolution: 352x240

File size: 888.0 MB

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