Description: The taboo action of Tabou begins rather quickly: We are treated to the sight of a slave boy penned up in a cage under a table. Two great looking masters (one young looking, blonde and smooth, the other darker and more dangerous looking with a five o'clock shadow, leather chaps, and a hearty uncut tool) walk over to the crotch-level cave have the boy to service them orally. The slave (handsome, with dark hair and thick eyebrows) eagerly feasts on both of the cocks being fed to him.
The dynamic of this scene is interesting in that one would have guessed that the blonde twink "master" would act as the slave; instead he aggressively makes sure that his thick slab of cock is properly taken care of. Both master-types act as tops, fucking the slave - who remains emotionless throughout. The masters seem to enjoy his hole and mouth, though. The scene ends with both tops shooting healthy loads of spunk on the slave's chest and then leaving him to go back into his cage to masturbate alone.
In the next scene we see another slave (a cute bottom boy is definitely the one to watch here!) Bound and gagged. He is pulled out of his cage by three leather-clad men (all dark haired and fairly nondescript) and placed into a sex swing. Using all sorts of chains they manage to harness the cute boy toy (who has dark hair, light eyes, and a winning smile) and begin to take turns fucking his willing hole. While one man is fucking his ass another is busy fucking his face, as the third is off to the side preparing for his turn. Once the men have all violated the boy with their cocks they begin to fuck his pussy hole with a black dildo. In the end they all shoot generous amounts on spunk onto his torso and balls. The men leave their boy there, who does not get off.
The next scene starts out a bit more on the romantic side. A brown haired muscular guy is restrained while a handsome brunette licks and fondles his body. The captive is buff and has a fair amount of hair on his chest. His captor goes to town licking and sucking his hairy armpits while rubbing his crotch through a black leather jock strap. Eventually the captor unzips the jock and begins to suck his slave's uncut cock. Once he has gotten his slave hard the captor unties him and begins to get a bit more aggressive. He spanks the slave until his ass cheeks are rosy.
At this point we get to see the captor's delectable cock, which is straining up out of his chaps. Soon enough he plows his dick right between the reddened cheeks. After a nice doggie style fuck he ties the bottom's legs back into the harness so they are held sky high and continues the fuck from this angle, all the while slapping and spanking the bottom's nice, round ass globes. The top spurts a few disappointing drops of juice before the bottom jerks a heartier load onto his own hairy chest.
A tattooed, gum chewing, attitude sparking master lets his shackled boy suck his toes in the next scene. The master and his boy are both very nice to look at, as is the master's uncut cock that he absentmindedly strokes while receiving the toe job. Once his toes have been properly worshipped his feeds the boy his dick while slapping the slave's bare bottom. The top samples his boyish boy's ass first with his tongue and then with some fingers and then a few various dildos. Curiously, he never fucks the boy's hot ass; instead he shoots his load onto it. The slave boy never shoots - in fact, we never even get to take a look at his package.
Later, we see a hooded and gloved dude fingering and then fisting a manacled bottom boy. Fans of fisting may be into it, for others it might very well be just a messy scene with a lot of Crisco. We never see either of the performer's faces and there doesn't seem to be any connection between the two - other than one guy's fist shoved into the other's colon. This coupling has no other sexual content, just a fisting thrown in seemingly to allow the movie to live up to its title.

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