The Apprentice 1

Release Year: 1999
Studio: Delta
Cast: Marco Antonio, Alex Carrington, Tony Cummings, Joe Landon, Scott Matthews, Steve O'Donnell, Chris Rock, Joey Stevens
Genres: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Solo, Masturbation, Footfetish
Video language: English

Plain and simple - the best Gay film I've ever seen! Jaguar started producing Gay films, on film, over 30 years ago. Those early efforts set the standards which have carried over into video today. Imagine trying to produce enough product for small gay theaters, scattered around the country, all hungry for more new releases, and with no help from agents, model searches, or the internet. Having to personally find each model, secure locations on the sly, film in almost total secrecy, all the while hauling bulky, expensive camera equipment from place to place. Well, paying ones dues does sometimes pay off, and the guys at Jaguar have topped anything I've seen in years. A total masterpiece of sight, sound, and sex. Not a limp dick in the film. A totally Gay cast, which proves that man-to-man sex still does exist. Photography of such quality you'll think you are there. No gimmicks, or gizmos, just raw, up close and personal sex. The musical score of a Hollywood feature, never getting in the way, but only acting to enhance the action, and action there is.
Super cute, blond, blue eyed, Joe Landon heads up the all Gay cast. From the opening scene when Joe's father kicks his "fag" son out of his house, it's a non-stop sex-fest. Landing in West Hollywood, Joe discovers what a 10 inch personality can really buy! Spotted by the magnanimous "gigolo" Chris Rock, Joe is taken in, and groomed as the next high priced Call Boy to service the rich and powerful Hollywood elite. A true Battle of the Big Dicks starts the steam pouring from the VCR, as Scott Matthews introduces runaway Joe to the joys of man sex, while Gigolo Chris Rock endures, can only be imagined as 10 inches of hard steel rips Scott a new butt. Impressed by Joe's "personality", Chris Rock can't resist plucking Joe off the street, and now the mentor meets the student. School begins as Chris instructs the student how to treat a client, and now the real show and tell begins. What better way to teach, then to demonstrate. Chris shows how it's done as he allows Joe to peak while Chris services his client Marco Antonio. This, people, is worth the price of admission alone! Chris Rock proves what a pig bottom he really is, and not since the Chad Douglas days have I seen a more brutal pounding. Sweat, spit, cum. Total Gay lust. You'll loose your load on this scene, but not to worry, it's only the beginning. You've still got to live through Alex Carrington fucking Tony Cummings within an inch of his life, while sucking Tony's dick at the same time. A nasty 3-way "sandwich" with Scott Matthews stuffed between Steve O'Donnell and Joey Stevens, and that's only a small part of the goings on these three find to do in a queen size bed. What started out as business now has turned to, you guessed it, love! Teacher, gigolo, mentor, Chris Rock has crossed the line and fallen for his student. In the real world what makes this last scene sizzle is that Chris, and Joe fell head over heels for each other while filming "Apprentice." This was a real life Taylor, Burton love affair, and lube sales will sky rocket when this scene hits the shelves. To watch real love being made on screen is rare, but kids, trust me, this is 100% real, and the result beautiful.

MPEG-4 Visual at 942 ????/???, 640 x 480 (1.190) at 30.000 fps
MPEG Audio at 160 ????/???, 2 ??????(??), 44,1 ???

File size: 859.6 MB

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