Vengeance 2 (Michael Lucas' Vengeance 2) (2003)

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Starring: Michael Lucas, Chad Hunt, Marco Rochelle, Richard Black, Alec Martinez, Jack Ryan, Tag Adams, Andrew Addams, Damion, Milos Miroslav, Erik Kapena, Alejandro Cosme, Felipe Eller, Jay Black, Mario Ortiz
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

More sordid tales from the New York underworld, with holier- and hotter-than-thou Lucas reprising his Vengeance role as a powerful Russian godfather who?ll stop at nothing to one-up extortionist Andrew Addams and find rival don Marco Rochelle?s missing boyfriend.
Lucas? large tool gets deeply serviced by his assistant/greedy cocksucker Erik Kapena, during which time Lucas verbally dominates him, spanks him with a leather whip and teases his tight ass with the long hilt. Some rimming, probing and grinding preps Erik?s exotic hair hole for a fierce pounding, and after some acrobatically challenging positions, Lucas plows a thick load out of the boy, squirted onto his own face and fed back to him.
Next we join a sixty-nine session, already in progress. Mafia henchmen Jack Ryan and Alec Martinez feast lovingly on each other?s throbbing meat popsicles, with Alec taking time to dive face first into Ryan?s pink hair hole for some savory ass chewing. Cut to Ryan rabbit-fucking Martinez so rigorously and piston-like I though I?d accidentally pressed the quick-scan button on my remote. Ever versatile, they flip positions and Martinez ass-slams a creamy wad out of Ryan, spurt onto his furry abs and soon accompanied by Martinez? own generous gush of goo.
Chad Hunt and Marco Rochelle preside over a simmering interracial eight-way orgy boasting so much sucked cock, slurped hole and fucked rectum it could easily satisfy the action quota of any other porno flick. Of particular note is the bit where Mario Ortiz bravely takes Chad?s eleven-incher all the way up the bum while his legs are spread apart in a sort-of half wheel barrow position, all while the gagging lunge of a third orally intrusive cock muffles Mario?s grunts and groans of painful ecstasy.
A sucky-fucky threesome in Lucas? office follows, with the spitting, cock-wielding godfather receiving deep suck service on his impressive rod by extortionist Andrew Addams and hunky goon Richard Black. Lucas takes turns plowing Richard?s milky ass and deep throat, while Richard plows Andrew?s screw hole clear into next week.
Marco is eventually reunited with his boy, who returns wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of black Speedos and a baby blue ribbon. They have juicy reunion sex on a leather sofa, with the wiry young boy deep gagging proficiently on Marco?s tall cock before being booty slammed aggressively. As a reward, the boy gets a sticky creamy facial.
With its plot-driven ?acting? and a squawking strings score, this is typically self-serious, self-serving stuff from Lucas - who nonetheless knows how to orchestrate some serious man-on-man heat, even when he?s not the center of attention. Production values are very good, with only the oft-roaming and zooming camerawork an occasional bother - though not enough of a nuisance to penalize the rating, which is worth of every one of the four throbbing stars accredited herein. The Director?s Cut DVD contains a five minute featurette of three golden showers, a 25-minute peek behind-the-scenes and a half-hour sequence of cast interviews.
To paraphrase an old Klingon proverb, Vengeance 2
is a delicious dish best served steamy hot. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:39:36
Resolution: 352x240

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