Working Men

Country: US
Studio: Dragon Media Corporation
Cast: Ray Dragon, Aaron Parker, David Chelsea, Joey Jordan
Director: Ray Dragon

Blue collar laborers rule in Ray Dragon?s Working Men. The action in the boiler room heats up within minutes of their first shift when the multi-talented daddy-foreman-type, Ray Dragon himself, turns on to apprentice Aaron Parker. The model-designer turned producer-director-actor really embraces the legendary gay he-man that the likes of studios such as Colt, Falcon and Titan established more than two and three decades ago. Dragon Media continues that grand tradition.

Like those hirsute, muscular, well-endowed demi-gods, Dragon truly knows how to work up and work out a sexually seductive scene that will have viewers doing more than sweating under their armpits and on their foreheads. Blessed with ?killer? good looks and a body-to-die-for, Dragon projects genuine animus equally ? both in front of and behind the camera.

The mutual action begins with some hot oral foreplay: deep French kissing, spitting, licking armpits, tonguing stomachs and biting nipples. Hairy Dragon (chest, arms, shoulders, back, ass and legs) has mastered the art of seduction completely and convincingly as he goes at it with the younger, thinner, less-hairy worker. Dirty man-boy Parker lets Dragon unzip his pants, strip him naked, deep-throat kiss him and, eventually, mouth-fuck his big, hard, long, throbbing manflesh. The intensity between the duo is immediate: the animal lust doesn?t take much time or effort to develop into a magnetic sexfest. Set in a boiler room with nothing but pipes and concrete, the sleaze factor is heightened, giving the sexual charge for the two stars (and the viewers) plenty of gratification. Dragon really knows how to eat man-meat as he chomps down on Parker?s fat cock and big baggy balls.

Parker, already groaning in ecstasy, gets rimmed something fierce by Dragon. Then Parker does the reverse, first slapping a little, then spitting, then face-rimming Dragon?s gorgeous hairy ass. The close-up camera work here will definitely excite the viewer. Parker seems to have an insatiable appetite for Dragon, so the cock-sucking, face-fucking, ball-licking and ass-rimming goes on for a long time. The action heats up even more when Dragon starts face-slapping Parker with his big man-meat. The deep-throat kissing and tonguing are captured in extreme close-ups from time to time for devotees of oral sex-play. When attention turns to Parker?s ass once more, Dragon is ready for the kill. He grabs Parker?s balls, yanks his cock deliberately hard, slaps his ass red, rims him a few more times, and teases him with full-body bear-hugs - all before ultimate penetration.

The fucking scene is again effectively captured in some extreme close-up shots. Finally, Parker is straddled doggie-style on the floor and Dragon rides him good, long and hard. Super-top Dragon really knows how to please a willing bottom like Parker, bringing him to a big, sweaty, juicy climax. There?s minimal dialogue - simply the occasional ?Yeah, man?, ?Oh, nice,? ?Ah, fuck!? and a rare outburst of ?Come and get it? from Parker to Dragon. Beside the purring sound of the boiler, there are only sounds of slurping, spitting, slapping and sucking. Since I?m a big fan of dirty words and sexy dialogue, this was a major drawback for me, but most viewers might not need the word-play to enhance the sex-play.

For fans of solo action, there?s Italian stud David Chelsea whose caught in a dark stairwell between jobs. The ripped he-man becomes easily distracted from his work load and turns his attention to his own personal load. His workman?s hands definitely know how to make pleasure for himself as he rubs his beautiful and hairless six-pack abs, right down to his big, gorgeous, uncut, cock. Once Chelsea totally drops trou, he clearly has it all - big, lovely, protruding nipples, a bubble-butt, serious come-and-get-me eyes. When he finally shoots his mammoth load, it?s a genuine gusher. Next time you?re at work, forego the elevator and take the stairs - a chance encounter with a guy like Chelsea shouldn?t go unchallenged.

Impatient Joey Jordan doesn?t like waiting for anyone or anything. When there seems to be no sign of the freight elevator, he immediately gets worked up. Naturally, he needs to himself of the physical tension. Discovering a mirror, he can?t help himself enough to himself. The narcissism turns lively as the bodybuilder begins to do some quick posing. Once the he-man starts rubbing his six-pack abs, pinches his nipples and becomes impressed with his big pecs and biceps, it?s all over.

The jeans come off, the big, hardened cock and balls pop out and muscle-worshipper Jordan is ready for some serious down-and-dirty solo action. A master of self-satisfaction, Jordan doesn?t ignore any area of his perfectly-chiseled body - there?s tit play, cock-pulling, ass-fingering and, for good measure, even some cock-rubbing up his asshole before his man juice covers the floor. Since I?m not into solo-play, I?d love to see Dragon get it on with both Chelsea and Jordan - either one at a time or during a three-way.

DVD Covers:

Length: 720 MiB Duration: 1h 9mn 52s 559ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 300 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 719.7 MB

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