A Few Fresh Men

Year: 1993
Country: USA
Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscles, Huge Cocks
Length: 01:06:10
Directed by: John Travis
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: Dorm counselor, pug-nosed Cruise, greets the newly arriving freshmen and does everything he can to make them comfortable. For lanky Lawrence, that includes accommodating a hunger for "learning to be really good at something." His chosen curriculum, of course, is man sex. With a cheery, "How can I say no?" Cruise strips to skimpy briefs and gives Lawrence a semester's worth of lessons in one steamy session, locking his lips around Lawrence's cock and fucking him on the table. Cruise is blessed with a body that oozes perfection from every pore, an adorable face, and an "aw shucks" manner that completes an irresistible package. No wonder newly arriving Gregory stands transfixed at the counselor's door, lusting unashamedly until Cruise, busy signing in another freshman, gently shoos him into the next room to wait his turn.
Gregory gets his wish in the last scene, coming upon Cruise lying shirtless working on his motorcycle. Gregory's father told him well-built guys lack brain power and cock size. He says he already knows Cruise doesn't fit the first description but wonders about the second. Cruise diffidently responds that he considers his cock "pleasing," and the two proceed to suck and fuck. As Gregory begs for deeper, harder fucking, Cruise pulls out, grabs a new dildo modeled on housemate Slater's massive cock, and plants it on the cycle seat for Gregory to mount. Riding the foot-long shaft, Gregory unloads one of the video's best fratboy cumshots, then proclaims that the dildo does not compare to Cruise's real thing.
Between these opening and closing scenes, Slater and Troy are paired in the basement, where Troy tries the original "real thing" orally and anally before crafting the dildo as a present for roommate Lawrence. Slater lifts Troy bodily, lays him on a table and enters his hungry butt with that legendary bat-sized cock.
Sexy Russell, taut little twink Baldwin, and horny, handsome Jensen engage in a sizzling three-way featuring hot double-team blowjobs. Beefy French Canadian Simoneau finds assistant counselor Atkins bent over in the shower and introduces himself by poking his finger up his butt hole and exclaiming "tres bon!" Smooth, muscular Simoneau fucks Atkins doggie style and unloads on his back twice, scooping the cum and licking his fingers the first time.
The main shortcoming is stiffly delivered dialog, but the boys of Taylor Hall make up for that and then some with the stiff goods they deliver whenever their pants come off.

File size: 271.5 MB

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