Bedtime Stories - 1

Year: 2002
Country: USA
Genre: Anal, Oral, Rimming, Cum shots
Length: 01:26:20
Directed by: John Travis
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: Studio 2000?s Bedtime Stories gives the game up straight away, if this is number one, then there?s gonna be a sequel, so let?s hope it?s worth it.
Robert Harvey is the storyteller (Paul Harvey?s brother?) reading to us from his bedside book of erotic short stories. You?ll wonder what that accent is ?I?m guessing English, but that still doesn?t make this Masterpiece Theatre.
Our first story sees Chandler as the dirty stop-out who has to convince cute pissed boyfriend Larson that he really is sorry he stayed out so late. Doesn?t take much to change boyfie?s mind (you can see the emotional turmoil tearing him apart - not!) and pretty soon he?s slurping on Chandler?s great dick and offering up his hungry asshole.
The second story sees Fox meeting his Russian penpal.
A spare bed is not needed after our lusty ruskie (Dane) makes short work of his friend. East and West are definitely improved as our visitor pounds glasnost all the way up his Yankee host?s hot lubed ass.
In our third tale, ultra gorgeous Brosnan jerks off watching Balint work his inches in a porno flick. A phone call ruins the moment, so it?s bedtime. In true porn style our muscle stud appears over the bed and gives him a dream he won?t forget. Balint doesn?t have to lift a finger as Brosnan tongue-grooves all over his body, before his virgin browneye is offered as sacrifice. They try numerous positions, enjoying each as much as the last.
In the last bedtime spoodge-fest Carreras checks into a hotel room only to find it already occupied. As Spencer steps out of the shower it?s easy to see why it?s no longer considered a problem! It?s lust at first sight, as blonde hunk and dark beauty get right down to it. Carreras tries hard to swallow Spencer?s generous bright red prick before deciding his ass to be much more satisfying. Our horsehung hunks kiss, suck, eat, jerk and fuck their way to a wonderful climax. Finally our English bulldog sprays his jizz-whizz everywhere before settling down and wishing us all sweet dreams.

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