California Summer

A good film from the early career of William Higgins with his first use of grown men. Related loops with a wet outdoor California theme. Features underwater sex photography, young white surfer clones, enthusiatic sex, unshaved privates and dubbed dialog.

1. Mark Scott Solo nonsex, Chris Thompson OgrAbtRr, Brent Woods OrgAbtRg
Mark Scott Solo, Brent Woods and Chris Thompson do some skateboarding, including bare chested handstands with loose shorts. Mark leaves and Brent promises Chris a lift to an interview but has to go home for a shower and a change. Chris takes a shower too and parades around wet and naked until Brent make a grab for his dick. They trade sucking, kissing and groping until Chris rims and fucks Brent with Chris getting slapped in the ass for encouragement. Brent then top Chris doggie style until they both cum on Chris. The sex is more mechanical than passionate.
2. Mark Scott Solo OgrAbRr, Ricki Benson OrgRg, Sergio Canali OrAtRg, Tim Richards OgrAbt
Ricki Benson, Mark Scott Solo, Sergio Canali, and Tim Richards can't get any girls over so they go swimming. To keep the neighbors from complaining they wear their underwear. In underwater colors, they romp in the water, pulling at their shorts and grabbing for dick. Eventually everything comes off and two suck each other under water. Lots of underwater photography. Moving back into the house they have a 4-way where everybody sucks and is sucked but Sergio and Tim due the fucking and Mark and Tim get fucked. Actors are hard to see in the dark photograpy.
3. J.J. McCarthy OgrAbRgr, Larry Richards OrgAtRrg, Sean Williams nonsex
Larry Richards promises his brother, Sean Williams, not to bother the newest poolboy. JJ. McCarthy shows up to clean the pool and Larry coaxes him into the water with promises to help later. Horsing around they strip each others trunks off and proceed to suck each other off including a long underwater 69. They get out of the pool, suck and rim each other and Larry tops JJ. Back in the pool the roles are reversed with underwater fucking and cum shots.
4. Joe Reeve OrgAt, Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson and Joe Reeve have an hour at Jason's before Jason leaves for Hawaii. They trade blow jobs and then Chris gets reamed and fucked. Both lovers cum on Jason and then Jason flips over to his knees and gets slap fucked again until they both drop another load.
5. Sean Williams OrgAbt, Ken Kerns OgrAbtRr, Jason Lloyd OgrAbt, Tim Richards OgrAt
Sean Williams shows up to house sit for Chris, promises not to have visitors and promptly calls a party. Ken Kerns, Jason Lloyd, Tim Richards, and Sean Williams have a hot 4-way in the house. Most everybody gets sucked and fucked and everybody cums twice.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
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File size: 911.9 MB

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