Can't Hide That Feeling Part One (2002)

Release Date: 2002

Stars: Ray Renfro, Jon March, Bad Surik, Gil Kovash, Arnis Puttenis, Chet Meyers, Leev Lale, Dujan Sin, Bruce Money, Vilnis Powers, Jude Lowe, Ken Fine

Duration: 02:00:01

Resolution: 720x480

File Size: 722 MB

Video quality: DVDRip

Description: Filmed in Latvia, the throbbing assemblage of lean Euro twinks and hunky gym jocks in Can't Hide That Feeling Part One is sure to cause a stiff feeling in the seat of your pants.
Long-lock?d dreamboat (and coverboy) Ray Renfro gets things going with a self-adoring pose-and-stroke that culminates in a hot make-out session with his own reflection in the ?vanity? mirror as he squirts out a thick creamy wad of boy juice - which, of course, gets smeared across the glass.
Next, Ray greets a messenger boy, signs for a package, and then shoves his own throbbing package into delivery boy?s anxious mouth. Messenger boy himself receives a salty, creamy delivery: a hot shot of cum right in the kisser, which oozes out thickly while the greedy piglet still has his lips wrapped tightly around Ray?s swollen head.
A subsequent hot-tub frolic develops into a vibrant threesome for lunch, with a thick ropy facial served for one lucky hunk?s dessert.
Next we join a naughty game of strip pool that turns into a randy fuck-and-tumble on top of the billiards table. Both guys take turns giving each other the hot beef injection; neither one of ?em wears a condom.
Up next are three tasty Euro stud-fucks who get busy in the gymnasium with the sucking, rimming and, once more, the barebacking. Actually, make that twice more, as both gorgeous tops take turns plowing a shared bottom, but nobody reaches for the latex. Naturally, pearly facials abound.
Ray and his flowing golden mane return for a climactic three-way, in which Ray takes center position in a thrusting daisy chain (avec latex, I might add).
P.C. causeheads will likely raise an eyebrow over the sperm consumption. And they?ll probably raise the other eyebrow over all the brazen barebacking. But while they?re sitting there all bug-eyed and aghast, they?ll undoubtedly be creaming in their panties over all the smoldering hot male sex.
The DVD includes a few tasty extra features, including photo galleries, solo scenes of the starring hunks and a derisively humorous segment during which Ray embarrassingly fumbles his way through a series of ?safer sex? announcements for condoms and lube.
This is hot, hot stuff: technically proficient, despite the incessant elevator muzak and some spotty focus snafus, bursting at the seams with young, hung and full-o?-cum studs. You won?t be able to hide that hard-on!

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File size: 722.3 MB

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