Hot House

Year: 1973
Genre: Vintage / Pre-condom / Trio / Oral / Anal / Peeing
Length: 1:01:40

Description: Roger and Jack Wrangler star in this comical tale of frustration as two horny men try to find privacy in a New York apartment that is invaded by drunken painters, crabby janitors and neighbors who have lost their keys. A hairy and beefy painter, drunk, devours Roger's dick in the bathroom as Jack helps out the neighbor. The painter sucks him off and eats his cum. Meanwhile, Jack and the neighbor (Jayson MacBride) smoke and get horny. Jack sucks Jayson through his sweats and larger-than-life close-ups capture this well. The two jack off, exchange blowjobs, and eventually cum into one another's face and mouth.

File size: 678.0 MB
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