Chapter #3 (1971, DVDRip)

Release Year: 1971
Studio: Bijou Classics
Cast: Eric, Roger, Bob, Steve Boyd, Jim Cassidy, Jack Allen, Robin Yonco
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Twinks, Orgy Scene, Outdoor Sex, Vintage

Country: USA
Directed by: J. Brian
Description: Four short subjects are presented in this compilation collection of early J. Brian flicks.
Come to the Orgy features over a dozen very boyish-looking men partying poolside. There's no dialogue, only music, and pieces from early sixties radio in the background. After toking on some joints and downing a few beers, the men get down to some fun, literally. Brian has some fun too: watch for the guy who puts the ultimate "all-beef" wiener on his hot dog bun. There are very few group sex scenes, though, and most of the men are paired off in couples who are seen sucking and fucking, mostly the former.
Next, in Do Your Own, Robin Yanco sucks himself off, providing the old adage: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
The Big Braggart starts with a young man beating his meat as he leafs through a Playboy magazine. Jim Cassidy comes into the room and he strips naked to join the guy. At this point, the director cuts away to scenes of Cassidy getting down with a youthful blonde woman as though he is fantasizing about her instead of his buddy. A third man enters the scene, out of nowhere, and the three break into playful wrestling on the floor. The two smaller guys pin Cassidy and fuck his shapely ass.
The final sequence, Naked Ship, has three men on a boat in the middle of San Francisco Bay. They start caressing and, before long, they're sailing into ecstasy. Shot in the early 1970's, the film has a background of pop songs but no dialogue. There are a few production flaws, but for its time, it's a decent film, especially the three-way. A BIJOU VIDEO exclusive originally shot on film and later transferred to video.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:38
Video: 352x240, DivX 3, 249kbps
Audio: 15kbps

File size: 160.9 MB

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