Flip-Flop Fuckers / Catalina / 1982

Studio: Laguna Pacific, Catalina Video
Cast: Brian Thompson, Cory Adams, Danny Scott, Marc Silver, Steve West, Jack Burke, Jon King, Rick Peters, Grant Fagan, Christopher Lance
Director: William Higgins
Genre: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Uniforms, Muscle, Vintage
Year: 1982
Runtime: 66 min
Country: USA
A compilation tape that is so hot, probably because the scenes are all pre-condom, all directed by William Higgins, and all from Laguna Pacific. Each and every scene is great here, but our fave has to be the Christopher Lance/Grant Fagan coupling. Mega-yumsie! Scenes included here are from Sailor in the Wild, These Bases are Loaded, Members Only and the exquisite The Young & the Hung. Can't go wrong with this one, but you're much better off getting the actual films these scenes were taken from. Down with compilations - long live features!
1. Wham Bam
Rick Peters OrgAtb, Marc Silver OrgAbt
Blonde Marc Sliver is watching Rick Peters' dick slip out the bottom of his short shorts as he trims plants in the garden. Rick is invited up for a drink and gets groped but he is the first to go down on hard cock. Now naked Marc takes his turn at sucking before laying on the floor for a brief fuck. Marc's finger loosens Ricks hole before a standing fuck then they switch again for a missionary fuck on the floor during which Marc lets loose his hot load on his own stomach. Rick lies down while Marc encourages his partner to a tall geyser of his own.
2. Brian Thompson OrgAtbRg, Cory Adams OrgAtbRr
Brian Thompson seduces Cory Adams, a cadet he caught with some pot.
3. Hollywood Horny
John Bach OgrAbt, Brian Richards OgrAbt
A baseball game turns into another kind of game as they practice on each other's bats and balls!
4. Hot Rocks
Jon King OgrAtbRr, Bill Curry OgrAbtRg
Bill Curry is back in the action with Jon King working on the air conditioner. Bill asks if the machine can blow harder and John volunteers to do the blowing himself. They switch to a 69 on the couch and then Jon bends over the coffee table for a rim, a finger probe and a fuck. On his back and his ankles held by Bill, Jon gets his tunnel plumbed some more. Then it is Bill's turn for a side scissors fuck on the floor. Jon work up his own convulsing jerk off and Bill empties his balls onto Jon in a sweaty orgasm. Bill lies atop Jon as they caress and cool down.
5. Christopher Lance OgrAb, Grant Fagan OgrAbt
Christopher Lance and Grant Fagan take turns fucking each other in the back of a truck.

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